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Scope for more Euro trouble for the Tories

The newly elected head of the European People's Party in the EU, is Joseph Daul, a French Gaullist. There is not a whole lot of info readily available on M Daul, but he has deigned to give an interview to Le Monde, and, shall we say, by their words ye shall know them:

"My principal rival, the Swede Gunnar Hökmark, defended [economic] liberalism and the small countries, while I represented the social market economy and the Franco-German axis. He was supported by the British Conservatives, the Scandinavians, and a number of representatives from the new countries who are aggravated by [the dominance] of the Franco-German axis. The votes of those countries that founded the Union mobilized for me in the third ballot".

So, that's us put back in our boxes. How dare the Johnny / Jan / Jens etc come latelies presume to think that their votes were equal to those of the Jean / Johann come earlies, eh?

And there's more:

Q - What are you going to do about the Conservatives?

"I will respect the commitments made by Hans-Gert Pöttering, the outgoing president of the group of the EPP, since they stand until 2009. There will be no new concessions, unlike what they are asking for. After 2009, I hope that we will be able to keep them. But it is up to them to decide. However, if they leave, where do they go? Join Le Pen?"

[Q on the constitution]

"For my part, I think that one should not be unaware of the no votes in France and the Netherlands, but it is [also] necessary to respect the decisions of the countries that have already ratified the constitution. It is necessary that France becomes European in its identity again, that it concedes that it is no longer the centre of the universe, otherwise it will be forgotten".

So, just the man we can do business with: more of the same, and France can keep on voting on the constitution until it gets it 'right'.

Q - How do you explain the support for someone so little known to the general public?

"I do not have a very high profile....but everyone could see that I listen before making decisions".

And very much his own man and not a stop the 'New Europe' candidate no doubt.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:22 pm

he has other form too; he heads the agriculture commitee too for the euro parliament.

So no French bias there then or any possiblity of a liking for the free market.

Time to leave the EPP Mr. C?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:31 pm

Thankd for the insight. Given he's from Alsace, I expect there's bad pun in there somewhere.

Can't say I'm keen on the EPP, but there is the problem with funding etc if a party spans insufficient nations.  

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