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Croydon Labour party abandons cyberspace

Take yourself off to Croydon Labour and you will be re-directed to Tangent Labs, which offers 'Intelligent marketing solutions' according to the browser bar, not that the site seems keen on loading in full. Croydonlabour.co.uk offers up a dead page. This is not because the Croydon Labourites lurk elsewhere - the dot com site is linked at the national site. And it is not as though they are as irrelevant as Labour in Upper Lymeswold - they have 27 out of 70 seats on the council.

Malcolm Wicks, the MP for Croydon North is not exactly Mr Bleeding Edge either, with his website last updated in August.

With a deserved hat-tip to Dizzy who discovered the dead site while researching something else.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:01 pm

That really is pathetic . We have`t had a Councillor since the 1970s , I think ,in Iz ,and we have a really good site and AN EXCELLENT LOCAL BLOG.

Exhibit Ahttp://www.islingtonconservatives.com/

Thanks to Duncan Webster who is one of those people who just does absolutely all the work and gets no thanks for it. This will continue when he becomes leader on Margarets retirement as I `m sure he will. Good Man.

Exhibit B ME!!!http://iznewmania.blogspot.com/

Local and occassional only .

WE also , not just me , crowd the local paper and harrass the big boys and girls constantly .We are terrific and I thought it should be noted for the record.

What are they up to in Croydon C?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:10 pm

Good for the bold Tories of Islington, your good self included Newmania.

I am thinking of going to a council meeting one of these days and blogging it ...  

Anonymous newmania said... 1:16 pm

Thats a really good idea C.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:24 pm

Turns out they webcast, so I can do it from the comfort of Croydonian Towers....  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:32 pm

daaaaaadadad dah!

daaaaaadadad dah!
Makes me laugh how parochial this supposed metropolis is.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:37 pm

..well when you come from Manchester it must seem like a bit of a backwater...Gather the pace was to much for you PHITCH. Make sure you tuck that tail neatly between your legs as you scuttle back to mummy.

Daaaaa da da Daaa Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  

Anonymous Justin Hinchcliffe said... 1:48 pm

Looks like I've beaten you to it, Croydonian. Was at my local Full Council meeting last night with a view for a blog post! And I have just written about the number of out-of-date and 'dead' Conservative websites -we should get our own houses in order before we attack others.

Newmania, the last elected Conservative councillor in Islington was Clive Blackwood (I think) who represented Highbury Quadrant from 1990-98.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:56 pm

Ah - but The People thirst for information as to what is going on in the Florence of the North, so I might do a post anyway.  

Anonymous newmania said... 2:07 pm

The name ring bell Justin .You were, at that time , three years old , and had already made several party conference contributions I believe.  

Anonymous newmania said... 2:12 pm

BTW Justin as an out Conservative what did you make of Recess Monkeys Claims that the defining trait of the Conservative Party was its homophobia ?What do you make of the new legislation that is coming our way from NI ?

Just curious , seriously  

Anonymous newmania said... 2:19 pm


Handy ref , of course Cramner is always fulminating about it. Some of it seems unneeded to me but I `d like to hear what Jutin has to say  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:23 pm

I'm quite happy to have the discussion here, but if Justin wants to run with the ball chez lui, that's fine.

I am not an activist as I'm too lazy, but I would hazard that sexuality is rarely an issue for party members of boomer age or younger.  

Anonymous newmania said... 2:31 pm

No I am still fuming about recess monkey`s virtually unchalleneged abuse.
There are some aspects of the current legislation which are not attractive though.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:38 pm

I agree with C - isn't not really an issue any more.Perhaps Recess Monkey should canvass opinion in Labour's northern heartlands, amongst it black bible-bashing supporters and in the Working Mens' Clubs?  

Anonymous newmania said... 2:43 pm

JH-Now I would like to see that....  

Anonymous Justin Hinchcliffe said... 3:23 pm

Ignore the word "not" in my last posting.  

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