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Some petard hoisting for Señor Zapatero

I tend to regard demonstrations, marches etc as being fairly pointless exercises, in so far as the aim is to change governmental policy.

However, over in Madrid - one of my favourite cities - the good guys have managed to muster at least 300,000 Madrileños to protest against the freeing of an ETA hunger striker. The organisers claim a figure of more than 2m, so it seems fair to suggest that although there were a number of irate Spaniards out and about on Saturday, demonstration organisers and authorities the world over are never going to agree on numbers. More here - but it is a PDF.

Given that demos etc are generally the playthings of the Left, Socialist Party Secretary José Blanco fell back on a remarkably lame attmpt to undermine the significance of the event by averring that more people have died in Iraq, even though this one is of domestic import, and the other is rather outside the administration's remit. I do not think that even the Millbank goon squad would attempted something quite so mendacious,

Further protests are planned, specifically against the ETA equivalent of Sinn Fein being allowed to run in Spanish local election and early national elections are being demanded. Buena suerte.

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Blogger CityUnslicker said... 10:42 pm

What is the best march you could think of organising here?

Pro-Hunt has been done. I guess a topical one would be a pro-trident march?

At the idiotic level I saw some saying sack parliamnt on a lmapost in The Strand the other week. There even seemed to be a badly drawn picture of a hoodie on it....  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:51 pm

I'm still tempted by 'Continue the War'....  

Blogger Unknown said... 4:25 am

Did Clinton fire her first shot?

This is from the NY Times on Al Gore. Looks like he is preparing to run for president and the Clinton camp is worried.

From a Rapt Audience, a Call to Cool the Hype  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:27 am

I was in Madrid this week end and so all the pathetic "franco-loving" families going to the "manifa". The clasico was miles more exciting. Oh and Atletico de Madrid won on Sunday, so I am a happy brave.  

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