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First Chinese elected law maker in Europe

That, apparently, is the achievement of Anna Lo of the Alliance Party, newly elected to Stormont, according to the Chinese media.

Really quite astonishing.
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Anonymous verity said... 3:32 pm

How absolutely cool. I love it! Chinese women know how to get things done. I wish we had let every last Hongkie in when we disgracefully abandoned Hong Kong.

I'd love it if Lee Hsien Loong was prime minister of Britain. The two heads of government I admire most are John Howard and Lee Hsien Loong.  

Anonymous verity said... 3:33 pm

Oh! When I reopened the site, it worked this time!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:35 pm

Blogger does seem a bit wobbly at the moment.  

Anonymous verity said... 3:45 pm

Lee Hsien Loong is definitely the most handsome head of government in the world.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:05 pm

I was rather taken with Kim Campbell at the time of her premiership of Canada, and Yulia Tymoshenko (do any electees count?) is undeniably rather easier on the eye than Margaret Beckett.  

Anonymous verity said... 4:14 pm

Yes, but not to another horse.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 4:32 pm

Can i resist a pun about the "Lo" turnout for the alliance party?
I think i better had  

Blogger istanbultory said... 5:25 pm

'have to agree with Verity at 3:32. We would have done well to expell the entire population of Merseyside in exchange for the Hong Kongers...Our loss.  

Anonymous verity said... 7:40 pm

Stamboul Tory - There was talk of giving them a Scottish island, a bit larger than Hongkers and letting them go to it. I would have moved there in a New York minute.  

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