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Broon Watch

Bloomsbury now has a fixed date, and a cover for Broon's tie in with the leadership contest / coronation thoroughly worthwhile and wholly unpolitical book, 'The Courage of Heroes', as discussed previously.

And the date, people, is 4th of June. Which co-incides with the suicide of Emily Davidson, Socialist Léon Blum becoming French Prime Minister, the crushing of the Tianamen Square protest and a military coup in Argentina. Still, it is also Angelina Jolie's birthday, and the anniversary of Heydrich's assassination, so it isn't all ecce equus pallidus.

Meanwhile, Blair Switch April-June is trading at 3.05/3.2 on Betfair.


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Anonymous Geoff said... 4:10 pm

A female socialist betting-manager friend of mine has always observed that Emily Davison (note the spelling, not Davidson) managed to mess up a perfectly good race meeting. She doesn't get any sympathy from us. Why couldn't she have disrupted a football match instead?

Everyone who had money on the race - especially on "Amner" would have been furious.

There is also a good question as to whether she actually intended to kill herself. She did, for example, buy a return rail ticket.  

Blogger Newmania said... 4:31 pm

Yes dale has something telling up on this to. Terific stuff C you are a top rootler and rifler I think we pretty much know where we stand now .
In fact the continued presence of Blair is becoming a nonsense with Cameron literally talking though him.  

Blogger dearieme said... 5:16 pm

Sounds a bit like "Profiles in Courage" which some hack ghost-wrote for John F Kennedy. You don't think.....?  

Blogger The Hitch said... 10:23 pm

"the hitch"@ 4;51 is a clone
A sad no life person who would love to be me.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 10:39 pm

the infamy of fame Hitch. I should be lucy to never suffer such a thing.

My blogclock has Blair leaving in less than 60 days; 10 long years nearly up...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:38 pm

I've deleted the 4.51 post as it wasn't THE Hitch. Whoever it was should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:43 pm

Geoff - I drop money on the nags, so yes, absolutely.

DM - yup, I'd followed that skunk trail in the original post...  

Blogger Liam Murray said... 9:13 am

I have a fiver riding on Blair Switch Apr-Jun '07 from a lucky guess almost a couple of years ago. I got 9.8 then....

The joys of the spread!  

Anonymous Geoff said... 4:42 pm

C: I also happen to live with her, so as she is an unrepentant socialist it makes for very interesting dinner parties when we have guests around.

On a trivial point - there used to be a racecourse here in Gibraltar but the unpleasantness in 1939 meant that the MOD concreted it over and turned it into an airport.

Grumble. I'm sure we would have won regardless.  

Anonymous Geoff said... 4:47 pm

She might be a socialist but we pay the mortgage on her racing tips though so she can't be entirely daft.

Going out with me doesn't count.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:58 pm

Geoff - sounds like a useful lady to have around, dodgy politics to one side. I've only ever been involved with lefties or the apolitical, alas.

Any hot tips will be gratefully received....  

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