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Yet another reason to use Firefox

Or Chrome, or Opera etc etc, as demonstrated here.

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Blogger Nick Drew said... 6:27 pm

gotta say, the Graun is really pushing its tech-affinities  

Anonymous Ambush Predator said... 8:35 pm

Fuck off back to Croydon  

Blogger J Bonington Jagworth said... 8:23 am

Like I'm sure MS has optimised its software for a self-important newspaper in a small country 5000 miles away. What I think they mean is that the Grauniad hasn't tailored its site to work with browsers other than IE, and so to that extent is 'optimised' for it.

It's a strange inversion of the meaning of 'optimise', which you sometimes see for 'substitute', when people mean replace one thing for another. Personally, I would always substitute Firefox for IE, (when I'm not using Opera)...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:28 am

ND - And odd, given that I would expect Graun readers to be MS haters.

AP - (scratches head)

JBJ - I reckon that too, I was just having some fun.  

Blogger J Bonington Jagworth said... 1:45 pm

"I was just having some fun"

I realise! I didn't mean to sound too serious, but it is another symptom of the advertising/PR world's disconnection with the truth, especially where MS is concerned (and as you say, you wouldn't expect G readers to be willing subjects). My pet hate is the 'xxx recommends Windows XP/Vista/7' tag line on ads and websites. No they don't - they've just been paid to include that sentence, or it's a condition of their contract with MS to make sure that no computer goes out the door without Windows on it (even though Dell sold a few Linux machines for a while).

No sane person would have recommended Vista anyway, and I have two little MS stickers taken off laptops that say 'designed for Windows xxx' which of course as another load of bollocks, as they work perfectly well with other versions and, indeed, other operating systems. Those stickers now reside on top of my kitchen bin, which probably really was designed with MS software in mind...  

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