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Visit Germany and see the Brandenburger Tor, the Hermannsdenkmal and the Dessau pyramid

At least if the volk behind this project get planning permission. German entrepreneurs have come up with the idea of building a pyramid near Dessau, deep in what I regard as Prussia, but what is now the land of Saxony Anhalt.

The pyramid is not intended to house the mortal remains of Angela Merkel, or come to that, 'Kaiser' Franz Beckenbauer, but rather to be a rather large pile of concrete blocks housing memorial urns and, for the better off, tombs.

They are deadly serious, have raised pathfinder funding and are thinking in terms of building a structure circa 450' feet tall. As the mock up shows, it fits into the Prussian landscape beautifully:

The jpeg I borrowed from their website calls itself 'tgp22-conceptual-small.jpg', and I do worry that 'small' applies to the picture rather than the pictured.

You too can reserve a slot, at no obligation, here. Be warned, however, "You will receive a mail that asks you to confirm your reservation. GMail and some other services might store that mail in your spam folder. We are working on a solution to that".

Of the 144 names listed as having signed up, there are two Egyptians, nine Americans, nine Belgians, two Britons and one 'European Union'. Just under 1/6th of the names listed look to be female. Fancy....

There is no indication as to whether the descendants of Leopold I, der alte Dessauer, and our ally at Blenheim, wish him to be interred there....

And meanwhile, The lone and level fields stretch far away

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Blogger CityUnslicker said... 11:06 am

This has nothing on our proposed Shard of Glass at London Bridge.  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 11:14 am

not to mention the Northala Fields


I assume the good burghers of Ealing are pleased with themselves  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 11:15 am

(tiny url ? never 'eard of it mate)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:19 am


Good lord. That is quite the thing, is it not? Is Kensal Green in the Borough of Ealing, I wonder?  

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