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Pity Her Maj - she's less powerful than the head of ebay.

At least according to one of those deeply silly power lists that business magazines are so fond of filling their pages with.

The Forbes list has Angela Merkel at the top, with Cynthia Carroll of Anglo American apparently the top British woman at 7th. However, Anglo American refers to her as 'an American citizen' on its website.... So much for fact checking, eh? Which takes us to Marjorie Scardino of Pearson, who also hails from the Land of the Free and is naturalised British. Mrs Windsor rates 23rd behind Meg Whitman of ebay.

No one from our own dear Labour Party makes the cut, fortunately.

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Anonymous verity said... 1:59 pm

Frankly, I blame Diana.  

Blogger Newmania said... 2:08 pm

I daresay you approve C...tsk tsk  

Blogger Mountjoy said... 3:42 pm

Where does Posh Spice figure in the list?  

Anonymous verity said... 5:16 pm

In the back row with the Iranians.

Have you ever posted anything that was relevant or vaguely entertaining on any blog?  

Blogger Ed said... 5:32 pm

I'm not sure I would want the Queen to have much power either given our ability to kick her out if she c*cked things up. That said I think she should stay until we have some proper separation of powers.  

Blogger flashgordonnz said... 7:25 pm


Blogger Ed said... 10:15 pm

Indeed - our ability is non-existent.  

Anonymous verity said... 12:11 am

Oh, really? Not under "European law"?

Do you honestly think Britain is governed by the law of our ancestors?  

Blogger Mountjoy said... 1:33 pm

verity 5.16pm


Anonymous verity said... 2:49 pm

I lost all faith in the Queen when she failed to have Blair put up against the wall and shot like the traitor he is.

OK, she's a conservative individual and she may not have wanted to do anything too showy, but surely there's a dodgy flight of stairs somewhere in the palace? Where if someone tripped, let's say on a carpet rod that hadn't been properly secured, they might take a tumble and break their neck?

The palace is a huge place. There would have to be an odd closet somewhere that excess baggage could be stored while they were deciding what to do? As in, for example, the episode with Humphrey the cat in Downing Street when Cherie lumbered in to take control? Cherie doesn't like cats. Many us don't like corrupt, destructive thought fascist prime ministers. I honestly don't see the difference, except Humphrey was innocent.  

Blogger Ed said... 12:38 pm


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