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This Alan Johnston business

Some thoughts from one of Abbas's aides that do not seem to be showing up in the UK media as yet:

"Yasser Abd Rabbo said Wednesday that Hamas' release of the Briton, held in Gaza for nearly four months, from the custody of militant group Army of Islam, had been staged, as the two groups were in league with each other. He said Hamas staged the rescue in order to "appear as if [Hamas] respects international law."

"We're watching a movie, where the thieves in Gaza fall out and one of them claims to be honest and brave, and the other is the bad guy. This Hamas game fools no one," Rabbo said". Source

Although Fatah and Hamas are hardly bosom buddies, I think this has the smack of truth.

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Anonymous verity said... 2:24 pm

No one should be kidnapped (even islamic terrorists; they should be shot) and have to undergo such anxiety, but there was always something about this that was very off-centre.

I don't like Alan Johnson and he may want to think twice about which side he supports between Israel and islam, but we can't have a world where people kidnap other people to make political points.

I am glad for his family that he is free.  

Blogger Guthrum said... 3:56 pm

its johnston chaps.

It is the duty of a journo to be objective, its a bit difficult to be objective when the IDF shells a family on a beach and claims it is a mistake (again)I thought he was a UK journo not an Israeli one, and therefore was entitled to be critical of Israel. Having said all of that I believe that Hamas are a bunch of religious terrorists and the 'army of Islam' are a mafia style family clan. I doubt they have much in common. Hamas are obviously hoping for a few plaudits in 'rescuing' Johnston, and they were the elected choice of the Palestinian electorate. The Middle East is far more tribal than the West sometimes realises. Only Israel is truly a Western nation and people in that area.  

Anonymous verity said... 5:45 pm

I believe there were a couple of Baghdad-qualified doctors living in Britain who were part of the gang that intended to blow up a Mercedes in London and Glasgow Airport. Those Iraqis are so civilised.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 8:38 pm

Hamas' paymaster Ahmedinnerjacket has form on this, did he not release our sailors' just a few months ago...  

Anonymous Confused said... 10:49 am

Hmmm. So it's OK for US to ignore international law, but not Hamas? OK for Israel, but not Hamas? Please explain  

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