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One for all the conspiracy theorists

This is a Carcano M91/38:

And not just any Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle, but rather one belonging to a certain Lee Harvey Oswald. Anyway, in an indication that the Italian Army or Esercito Italiano does not find itself with sufficiently full hands with operations in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Lebanon it has been supervising tests "at the former Carcano factory in the town of Terni, around 100km north of Rome, where the alleged murder weapon was produced in 1940". Source.

And lo, and indeed behold, "According to the official Warren Commission report on the assassination, Oswald loaded and fired three shots at Kennedy in seven seconds in Dallas on November 22, 1963. He used a Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle. The first shot missed the president, the second went through his back and neck and the third hit Kennedy in the head, killing him. But the Italian tests showed that it would take a minimum of 19 seconds to load and fire three shots using a Carcano M91/38. So there must have been at least one more sniper for so many shots to have been fired in such a short space of time, the experts believe".

Hmm. That rates no more than a C-, I think. Far more entertaining is the '10 wackiest Kennedy assassination theories' page, to be found here.
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Blogger Tony said... 11:51 am

This comment has been removed by the author.  

Blogger Tony said... 11:52 am

I just wanted to pop in and wish the excellent Croydonian many happy returns of the day.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful birthday my friend!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:58 am

Very decent of you. Cheers.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:40 pm

If it really is your birthday, Many Happy Returns!

I cannot participate further in this blog until that awful photograph of Miliband has moved right down the page. I know it sounds silly, but it makes me feel sick, especially at breakfast time. This isn't a joke.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:05 pm

It is, yes. A youthful 41....

I'll edit the Miliband post.  

Anonymous verity said... 3:18 pm

Oh, thank you, Croydonian! I wasn't kidding. Those boiled egg eyes ... oh, God! Why did I just remind myself!

Well, it's been a good week. Blair buggered off to obscurity and Croydonian had a birthday! I hope you are going out for nice dins.  

Anonymous Nomad said... 3:25 pm

Yes, definitely - Hippo birdie, two ewes, hippo birdie, two ewes etc...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:55 pm

I would not wish to inflict cruel and unusual punishments on my readers.

I have had a splendid day thanks.  

Blogger Tuscan Tony said... 7:06 am

Being a dull collector of books (or possibly a collector of dull books) I have a copy of the original Warren Report and ill peruse the doc to see what they have to say about this, though I am very surprised this one hadn't been fully mulled over before, as almost every other aspect of it has.  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 7:46 am

If Italian army armourers and Italian gunsmiths tell me that gun could not have done what it's required to have done then I believe them; he's still dead though, with whatever consequences came from his assassination. US politics is not very familiar but it seems quite a long time ago. Why was it brought up again?  

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