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Something to keep in mind the next time you see the phrase 'Occupied Territories'

"16 percent of Palestinians said they favoured a return to full Israeli occupation". Source

That is just the most unexpected finding from a joint poll of Israeli and Arab opinion by two research groups.

Furthermore, "
Overall, 41 per cent of Palestinians supported dissolving the Palestinian Authority while 26 percent wanted it replaced it with an international trusteeship...However, 49 percent rejected dismantling the PA. Some 42 percent of the Palestinians surveyed favored the establishment of a confederation with Jordan".

Does not say much for Abbas's leadership, does it?


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Blogger The Hitch said... 12:00 pm

Have faith
Mr Tony is about to sort it all out.
No doubt there will be rejoicing in the souk and tears of gratitude in the knesset  

Blogger Ross F said... 12:17 pm

I wonder what percentage of Jordanians would be willing to enter a confederation with the Palestinian territories?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:21 pm

Hitch - what do you bet TB insists on the full Palm Sunday entrance into Jerusalem?  

Anonymous IanCroydon said... 1:05 pm

All this is a bit moot. The people causing all the problems consider "occupied territories" to refer to pre-1948 rather than pre-1967. Any two-state solution is going against their wishes.  

Blogger Ed said... 2:04 pm

Wishing away your own government in favour of a better but foreign one? Sounds like the British attitude to Europe.  

Anonymous verity said... 2:58 pm

In a way, I'm quite cheered by Tone Boy's new position of Middle Eastern potentate because the Middle East is full of people who are capable of eating his lunch. Levy got by because he is Levantine himself and understands the way of thinking.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 3:56 pm

No doubt on a donkey Croydonian.

As you know I dont really care about the middle east but why on earth are ABBA getting involved in the peace process?
Is it to establish something that everybody can have in common , namely a hatred of the swedish foursome?  

Anonymous Benedict White said... 12:00 am

Most Israelis would retreat to the 1967 borders in the morning as well.  

Blogger Buenaventura Durruti said... 8:46 am

Not particularly surprising; the spread of results pretty much say: 'things can't go on as they are but we don't see any clear solution that would both bring peace and improve our lives.'

I think if we had an opinion poll of French people on their attitude to resistance, Vichy etc say from June or July 1941 the results would make interesting reading.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:19 am

Not a very apt parallel Buenaventura. I would have thought that De Gaulle era Gauls wanting Petain back would be nearer the mark, or if you prefer, post '47 Indians wanting us back.  

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