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Petition o' the day

Is this one: "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Honour Tony Blair for his ten years as Prime Minister especially in his contribution in the third world, Helping the poor of Africa, London's 2012 Olympic bid, Appearance on a fundraising show with Catherine Tate for Comic Relief plus so many more".

Quite the candidate for Private Eye's 'Order of the Brown Nose'. The creator is one Alan C. K. Lee MC MSYP. MSYP appears to stand for 'Member of Scottish Youth Parliament', so I suppose the dodgy grammar and the sentiments can be excused on the grounds of age. I suspect that MC does not stand for Military Cross, but who knows? Acronym Finder offers a number of other options.


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Anonymous verity said... 2:21 pm

He "Helped" the poor of Africa (aren't they all - exept the leaders and their coteries?) and appeared on Comic Relief!! Is there no end to this man's humanitarian instincts?

Has anyone signed this petition?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:26 pm

And with a low comedian no less.

There was one other signature the last time I looked.  

Blogger Newmania said... 2:45 pm

I had almost forgotten him already  

Anonymous verity said... 3:15 pm

Actually, Newmania, so had I. I've never seen anyone drop off the map so quickly. I mean, when Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton went, they were still very much around. John Major took a while to fade from the public consciousness as he pursued his other interests. Even Al Gore, who lost an entire election, is still haunting us with his aperçus. But Tony is s-o-o-o gone. He even looks like a deflated balloon.  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 5:18 pm

so much for the superiority of the scots education system  

Anonymous Verity said... 11:49 pm

That means what, Nick Drew? It sounds moronic on the surface, but perhaps I didn't get the nuances? Do give us a clue!  

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