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The EU joins battle in the fight against insomnia

Yes, it is EU-Tube. I wish I was making this up, but I am not:

'"The European Commission has launched a dedicated channel on YouTube to make its audiovisual material more widely available to the public. "This initiative reflects the Commission's commitment to better explain its policies and actions on issues which concern citizens across the EU – such as climate change, energy or immigration" said Margot Wallström, Vice-President for Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy'.

Because I am prepared to suffer for the benefit of my readers, I have just sat through all seven minutes and fifty one seconds of '50 years of EU in the World'. It is quite remarkably dull, and has lots and lots of clips of people signing treaties, and is just as misleading and downright mendacious as one would expect. Including the usual canard that 'Europe' has kept the peace in Europe for 50 years.

Elsewhere there is a promo for the dreaded media project which is decidedly Not Safe For Work as it features a range of couple reaching the heights of ecstasy under the title 'Let's Come Together'. Click at your own risk.

And a range of South Park look-a-like cartoons on mobile roaming choices scripted in gibberish. Like this:

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Blogger Caroline Hunt said... 12:59 pm

That was ultra retro. And the Euro-jazz is ace :)  

Anonymous verity said... 4:36 pm

O/T but I don't understand - why is the entire British blogosphere ignoring the terrorist attack at Glasgow Airport?  

Blogger Guthrum said... 10:08 pm

Too shocked after the 1984 style address from the Lord Protector I think.  

Blogger Tom Mason said... 10:24 pm

Is this the same EU that wants to extend the laws governing television broadcasters to companies providing online video content?

I can see their petard; do I also sense an imminent hoisting?

( ;-P)  

Blogger Grendel said... 10:50 pm

I wonder if our children will now have the pleasure of viewing the fully animated stories of captain euro?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:56 pm

V - My excuse is that I was out and about in The Smoke.

G - Haven't seen that yet, but I can well imagine.

Tom - Yup, the self same.

Grendel - Oh dear, I hope not.  

Anonymous some guy said... 4:13 pm

Britain on the verge of collapse. Thank hevns the Spicies are reforming. Praps they cd invite Paris H. to join them.  

Blogger gitanodemurcia said... 1:10 am

Will. I used to like Europe (a while ago) and am now totally against it. apart from the liras gone. time for a revolution.....Just watched the EU smoking vid.  

Blogger gitanodemurcia said... 1:11 am

Hate them. how can they possibly publish videos like that  

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