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Man of the week

Give a big hand to Tobias Ellwood, MP for Bournemouth East and an MBA.

And for why? Because Parliament has been debating the idiotic Galileo money burning project, and faced with a non-response from Winterton on cost spoke thus:

"I cannot believe that she can come to a debate of such importance without knowing how much has been spent on the project. That is almost a scandal. We must understand where the money has come from and how much will be spent in the long term. However, the biggest question that the House must answer is why on earth we are devoting so much money to the project, when there already exists a very decent system run by the Americans. Why are we going ahead with it when something that is free already exists?"

Meanwhile, Michael Connarty, a special needs teacher before entering the Commons thinks "the investment, which was €10 billion, if it is successful, would, according to the analysis coming before our Committee from the Commission, allow such a system to participate in a market of €450 billion, which it has estimated will be available for satellite navigation systems up to 2025? For a €10 billion investment, a €450 billion market is worth investing in". I expect he thought Concorde and Eurotunnel were great ideas too.

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Blogger Newmania said... 9:35 am

special needs teacher before entering the Commons thinks ....

Ouch. Flabbergasting how this has all gone on with out anyone much knowing about it isn`t it. You would be staggered at where the various EU related quango`s are operating as well. On my hols in Cornwall I noticed an upsurge of "Cornish nationalism"( seriouisly) ..flags everywhere. A body called FUEN is assiting and seeking "minority status" for Cornwall. We could soon have road signs in a langauge noone speaks at all.

On the eye in the sky I heard Christopher booker talking about biw cooperation on large scale projects was being used to male super state hood a fact prior to agreement . The deployment of miliatary weapons will be linked into Gallileo and now we have a EU foreign minister.....

The krauts are driving it all.  

Anonymous Bill Melotti said... 10:27 am

Gallileo was originally looking like quite a good buy, it was billed as costing less than a couple of hundred miles of motorway or something similar.

However that was based on licensing the receiver technology I believe Manufacturers may just decide not to bother with that and go with GPS.

It would also be a civilian system and European controlled, not like the American military GPS system.

So initially it looked like a good thing. However now it starts to go wrong. Also it will be available to help Governments wishing to do crazy things like national road pricing, maybe for EU military purposes.

I believe the EU is threatening to take over the consortium to run it if the various companies involved don't get their act together. That'll sort it out then !

Probably best dropped now...What a mess  

Blogger The Hitch said... 12:25 pm

Government invest in something and it makes a profit?
Not going to happen is it?  

Blogger Ed said... 7:31 pm

No! But we must not submit to the evil imperial Americans! We must have everything they have, and not be reliant on their bribes and corruption!

Seriously though, how much are we putting in which could go on Crossrail?  

Anonymous IanCroydon said... 7:38 am

It would also be a civilian system and European controlled, not like the American military GPS system.

Or, to put it another way, it would be controlled by unelected, non-english speaking, state socialist, career politicians, rather than a directly elected representative of free-market capitalism.

P.S. Commander of the US Military is the President, for example like Bill Clinton, the man who _removed_ the encryption from the present GPS network.

P.P.S. The US Army has localised ability to deny GPS signal reception, so we are not in fact in any danger unless the US decides to invade.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:55 am

Gents - glad to see we are all singing off the same hymnsheet.  

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