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Curious press releases department

Our friends at Croydon Council do not seem to have got the hang of this media relations business, and 26 days into 2007, the link on the front page to 'council news' still only brings up releases from December. However, a bit of fiddling with the URL takes one to January, and this peerless piece of municipal prose, 'Croydon ready for cold snap'

Always supposing that any of the site's regulars managed to find their way to this announcement, would anyone really expect to get weather updates there? Apart from the weather forecast, there is a somewhat more relevant part to the release where it discusses gritting and the like. I'm sure all fellow Croydonians will feel their chests swell with civic pride when reading this gem: "Croydon’s salt stock levels now stand at 2,100 tonnes, with further reserves to hand should they be required. And up to 500 grit bins around the borough have been replaced and/or topped up".

If the links are not sorted out soon, I think it will be safe to say that I do not have any readers at the Red Lubyanka.

(I am about to switch over to blogger beta, so there will be a brief outage shortly)

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Anonymous newmania said... 10:50 am

You risk being sent to work in the salt stock piles with this sort of snickering C  

Anonymous this guy said... 11:01 am

I've tried switching to Beta and it won't let me. I get stuck in the "Read this agreement lst" pages.

But then, I am losing me marbles..  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:15 am

N - I hope not. I wonder where th Croydon salt mines are?

TG - Sorry to hear it, but I suspect I cannot offer any helpful advice.  

Anonymous nick drew said... 12:53 pm

Badger's Hole  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 1:50 pm

how exactly does a south London suburb prepare fore a cold snap?  

Anonymous nick drew said... 2:40 pm

You fink we're soft down here, don't you Hitch?

Well I can tell you, in Fort'Neaf our womenfolk still go round with their midriffs exposed to the elements: in the town centre the asylum-seekers still queue uncomplainingly outside the Home Office in the steet, come sleet or snow: commuters press a little closer together on the unheated trams for warmth...

New Ice Age? bring it on  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 3:08 pm

Im from up north
I dont feel the "cold" down here in effete london .
It is a bit of a shock going home in cold weather ,I get out of the car in a sweater and turn into a shivering southern nancy boy.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:29 pm

This comment has been removed by the author.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:31 pm

I rather like a bit of cold weather, but we never have a serious winter in these parts.  

Anonymous nick drew said... 3:53 pm

...not that I remember 1963, you understand...  

Blogger Jonny said... 5:29 pm

southern Jessies - this isn't cold. I'm from the North and the lasses up there are still wearing their white stillettos and mini skirts to the Bigg Market on a saturday night.  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 5:38 pm

Mr r
When I said "North" In my case
I meant Manchester.
You being a Geordie really understand the meanining of the word cold
or rather the word "cuuuurled"  

Blogger Jonny said... 6:01 pm

PH - wayaye bonnie lad  

Blogger Dr Samuel Johnson, A.M. said... 11:12 pm

Mr C, I believe you should have said:
"I am about to switch over to blogger beta, so there will be a brief outrage shortly".  

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