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Yet another word of the year, a startling admission from Roy Hattersley and other matters arising

Roy first: "I regard myself as classless". So do I Roy, so do I.

The latest in the round of words of the year comes from our good friends in Australia, who are a little late to the lexicographical party, although they are nonetheless welcome.

Their offering is 'muffin top', "the fold of fat around the midriff which, on an overweight woman, spills out over the top of tight-fitting pants or skirts". Icky. Elsewhere, they have the self explanatory, not to say not exactly up to the minute, 'affluenza', 'ubersexual', 'cyberstalking', 'water trading', 'plausible deniability' and 'ethical eating'.

The last segues nicely into another tale of councils with nothing better to do than engage in moral grandstanding: York Council (guess which party runs it) is seeking to ban foie gras in restaurants within the city limits, following Chitown's example. So, all is sweet and dandy in chocolate town so the city fathers can afford to let their focus wander from the more mundane? Not quite. The last OFSTED report on York LEA noted the weakness of 'the pace of developing support for gifted and talented pupils', 'not all looked after children have personal education plans', and 'the analysis and use of data about racist remarks'. As to policing, crimes of violence against the person and sexual offences are above the national average. The councillor leading this, has something of an agenda: Paul Blanchard is a lacto-ovo vegetarian. He has terrible taste in music, although by and large he has decent taste in TV, films and blogs. And he got whipped when he ran for Ryedale in 2005.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:04 am

Yes I still enjoy a quiet moment with Nick`s nugget on occassion...cue homophobic backs to the wall comment from the greaDrew.
C surely you are not correct the Coucil have no power to bann the eating of a certian type of food thats against the law. I have often wondered if you have invented some of your tales of Greek Monks and the evidence of creative jounalism is piling high .
The more I think about it the less plausible it becomes . Why do they not bann walking forwards or not singing the Abbas Arrival in Kurdish falsetto ? What fun place to be York will soon become . Come on C this blog has an international reputation for truthiness and I`m afraid you are letting the side down.
The rest of the staff are so professional as well

Cyber stalking is a good word, I can see it becoming a real problem.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:10 am

Would I lie to you?

"A city council will vote today on whether to stop restaurants selling foie gras on the grounds of animal cruelty.

York City Council may become the first in Britain to ban the French favourite, which is made from the livers of force-fed poultry.

The move was spearheaded by Labour councillor Paul Blanchard, who said he was inspired by a similar ban in the US city of Chicago.

If the council approves a ban in York, Mr Blanchard believes it will be the first in the UK.

But he admits his motion would allow a prohibition in principle only. The councillor said the next stage would be for council officers to explore in detail what technical powers they could use to enforce a sales restriction".

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:26 am

You are generally reckoned to be the oracle C

what technical powers they could use to enforce a sales restriction"......I wasnst` miles off was I .

Great post ,Now you say yiou can guess the Party that runs it . Well i would guess the Lib Dums but it could be Nu lab.Locally they have the loony track record.

How wonderful.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:31 am

The Yellow Peril control it, with the Red Rabble the opposition and the Flat Earthers (Greens) the third party. We hold no seats. Sounds like Hell on Earth, doesn't it?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:47 am

The first line was enough,
Hilarious ,
one of those lines you dream of delivering face to face.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:50 am

The Yellow Peril control it, with the Red Rabble the opposition and the Flat Earthers (Greens) the third party. We hold no seats. Sounds like Hell on Earth, doesn't it?

You may wish to aquire an asbestos suit prior to this evenings promenade C.Welcome to hell on earth ( `xactly the same)It is indeed a place of wailing souls with the succour or rightness denied to the tormented denizens.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:01 pm

I have also heard (i.e. our team in refence to our old harridan bosss) the 'muffin top.' referred to as a gunt.

Definitely a word for the banning list.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:15 pm

"PETER HITCHENS" blog is now going to be "peterhitchens" the ranter , rather than conspiracy theorist , have just published his thoughts on gay adoption  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:41 pm

Pietro I do not approve of the post you have done .


Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:44 pm

trust me it will get worse (or better depending on your point of view)
I am very much less liberal than I appear to be.


Anonymous Mr R said... 5:37 pm

Can the people of York afford foie gras? Its impossible to enforce as the restauranteurs could surely claim restraint of trade. Fucking veggies trying to impose their irrational thinking on the public.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:31 pm

Mr R
York is a wonderful city and the locals are fairly prosperous, the food on the other hand is shit (apart from bettys)maybe an opportunity?
Yorkshire is awash with money always has been.  

Anonymous Dr. Syn said... 2:20 pm

Mr. C -

I am told, by someone who was recently in Chicago, that at least one restaurant has found an ingenious way round the ban. The city statute forbids the sale of foie gras. The restaurant therefore gives it away, as an accompaniment to a astronomically overpriced scrap of lettuce.

Dr. Syn  

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