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Yet more of Tony's cronies?

"The Prime Minister has appointed Professor Simon Schaffer, Dr Tony Sewell, Lady (Catherine) Chisholm, Lord (Richard) Faulkner of Worcester and Sir Howard Newby to the Board of the National Museum of Science and Industry with effect from 14 January for periods of four years each". (Source)

One would think that one could find plenty of political eunuchs for such a thing, so...

Professor Simon Schaffer - 'Mr Schaffer has not carried out any political activity in the last five years'. I cannot find anything politically controversial anywhere.

Dr Tony Sewell - 'Dr Sewell has not carried out any political activity in the last five years'. But, 'He also has experience in the media, writing for Voice and The New Statesman and regularly speaking on radio and television on subjects linked to education and the arts. He has a strong interest in diversity and has conducted research and published several articles on race and education'. He has to be a Tory, doesn't he?

Sir Howard Newby - 'Sir Howard has not carried out any political activity in the last five years'. He was a sociology lecturer, and got his gong in 2000.

Lord Faulkner - 'is a parliamentarian'. And who for? 'He was an unpaid communications advisor to the Leader of the Labour party in the 1987, 1992 and 1997 general elections'. (Source) He got his gong in 1999. He voted in 83% of divisions (the average is around 40%), and 'hardly ever rebels'... (Source)

Lady Chisholm - 'Lady Chisholm has not carried out any political activity in the last five years'. As with Schaffer.



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Anonymous This guy said... 2:34 pm

Tony Sewell is a good bloke. He dares to say (he's black btw) that black youths don't fail because of discrim., but because they don't try. Takes courage, black or white.  

Anonymous Ha-adam ha-zeh said... 2:45 pm

Btw, re haShoah, Jewish Chron/Sefer Zahron has a bizarre u-Guv poll claiming 28pc of youngsters are not sure the Shoah happened. (But perhaps some of them aren't sure the Vietnam war happened.)  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:23 pm

Another interesting point, is how relevant they are to science & industry.

I mean, wouldn't you perhaps choose a professor of Mechanical Engineering rather than one of Sociology?  

Blogger dearieme said... 3:35 pm

"has a background in development and change management". Oh bloody hell!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:02 pm

Sod this Tony sewell, its high time we had Brian Sewell running the country.  

Anonymous verity said... 4:39 pm

Personally, I'd rather see Lily Savage running the country. He's intelligent, witty, does not stand for any nonsense. Also, he's versaltile.

I cannot believe tony blair is still busy appointing people to quangoes. It's like the night of the living dead.  

Anonymous brian sewell said... 5:33 pm

I would not wish to run this country.

It's simply too too gaaaaastly.  

Anonymous verity said... 7:40 pm

Frankly, I think I'm on to something with the Lily Savage idea. He certainly has a sharp tongue and would do well at PMQT. And I can just see him putting Chirac in his place.  

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