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Swedes are racist, Italians are ‘ableist’, sexist and homophobic, and Magyars are ageist.

Or so those polled in those respective countries would appear to think of their fellow citizens, judging by a Eurobarmoter poll on 'Discrimination in the Europen Union'

As to our Swedish chums, 85% consider that discrimation on the basis of ethnic origin there is widespread, whereas in Lithuania it is 23%. For the record, 85.7% of Swedes are ethnically Swedish, with 97.7% of Lihuanians of eastern Slav ethnicity. Conversely, 86% of Swedes fell enriched etc etc, whereas the Maltese are less than convinced - 32%.

The Italians, it would seem, hog the disabled seats on the bus - 68% think the disabled are discriminated against. And the French are not much better. So much for the 'mutiles de guerre' seats on the metro. Denmark would seem to be the place with lots of wheelchair ramps and the like - less than a third think the disabled have it raw.

The Italians, Greeks and Cypriots all poll 68% + on thinking discrimation on the basis of sexuality widespread. Only 26% of Estonians think likewise.

The Magyars and the Czechs would seem not to respect their elders - 66% and 63% see ageism as widespread. The Republic of Ireland is the place to be an oldster - 30% there. Then again, it could be the reverse, agewise, with snotty teenagers getting the back of the hand treatment in the former Hapsburg lands.

In terms of religion, a derisory 63% of Gauls think the religious are discriminated againt. Just try getting a job in Paris if your name isn't Martin or Lefebvre. 10% of Latvians think the same. Latvia has its own home grown religion - "Dievturība started in 1925 and is primarily based on Latvian folklore, old folk songs and mythology". (Source)

As to the issue that got BA into trouble recently, 79% of Maltese think it OK to wear your faith on your sleeve, or more likely head or lapel, in the workplace. Lithuania comes bottom at 29%.

The Italians and the Spanish live up to their machismo reputation (or possibly the exact reverse...): 56% and 55% detect sexism in the workplace. Germany and Lithuania must be 'progressive' utopias or they have all been sent to diversity seminars by the thought commissars powers that be.

Finally, the Poles are crying out to be hectored - 24% think enough is being done to fight discrimination, while the Cypriots have had enough - 67%.

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Anonymous newmania said... 11:57 am

Mmm Italians have the smalles penises in Europe as was discovered during an EU attempt to regulate condom size ( it really hapened). Interesting survey in the DT today about Cklass attitudes .

I always wonder with polls of the answer you get is true.What is nmor important to you solving the Iraq difficulty or Taxation....

TRUE ANSWER ...my money
SURVEY ANSWER...World peace  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:22 pm

Lets face it, all foreigners are total bastards.No more needs to be said  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:07 pm

N - Thought it was Indians. I was hoping that the Social Attitudes survey was going to be available on line, but alas there is naught but a filleted version in a press release.

PH - A number of the regulars here hail from other parts, and ergo must be good folk. So 'all' is a bit strong....  

Anonymous newmania said... 1:22 pm

Thought it was Indians

No Italians have the crown for "Europe" and Indians for the world .I`d be quite interested i to see how these attitudes comopare with the UK. these are of course only perceptions of attitudes as possibly mis reported  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:25 pm

You want I should add in the UK figures?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:06 pm

Are ya gonna discuss this brave?

Israeli president Moshe Katsav today asked parliament to temporarily remove him from office after Israel’s attorney general recommended that he be indicted on rape and other charges, according to parliamentary spokesman Giora Pordes.  

Anonymous this guy said... 2:39 pm

Sorry to disagree again. "Just try getting a job in Paris..."
Sharko works in Paris. France has had 4 Jewish PMS (Blum,PMF, Debre',Fabius). Us : 1.  

Anonymous it's that guy again said... 2:49 pm

Btw, did you know Latvians are a minority in their own country. If you add Russians and Latgalian speakers. So the Latvians refuse to admit Latgalian is a separate language.
Simple comme bonjour.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:05 pm

Anon (hello JM) - No I think it has been covered sufficiently elsewhere

TG #1 - Indeed yes, and it is to their credit, but my experience of the French, fond though I am off them is that their attitude to visible minorities is less than enlightened.

TG #2 - Interesting. Wiki only gives a count of 150,000 and notes 'Some Latgalians consider themselves to be an ethnic group separate from Latvians. The majority opinion is, however, that present-day Latgalians are a subgroup of the Latvians. The number of people who would identify themselves as separate from Latvians is unknown because the Latvian government does not identify Latgalians as a separate group in census data'.

Since we are dodging around the Baltic at the moment, let it be noted that the Grateful Dead funded the Lithuanian basketball team in 1992, and the players sported an outfit with a slam dunking skeleton. True story. And they won the bronze medal.  

Anonymous this guy said... 5:36 pm

Who? The Grateful Deads?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:37 pm

Ho ho. THe Lithuanian basketball team.  

Anonymous ha-adam ha-zeh said... 5:42 pm

I seem to have lost a post on the U-Guv poll in the Jewish chronicle/Sefer Zachron showing 28pc of youngsters aren't sure the Shoah happened. Apologies if it's on some other thread.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:42 pm

HAHZ - Nope, tis there in the Tony's cronies thread.  

Anonymous this guy said... 10:07 am

Christ I'm losing my marbles....  

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