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Yemeni double think

Imagine that you are an 'anti-zionist', and live in a country with a very, very small Jewish population. In this case Yemen. One would imagine that if one was an 'anti-zionist', rather than an out and out anti-semite, one would not be seeking to offer the Jewish community the choice of flight or slaughter. That, however, is what has come to pass care of threats from Shi'ite-leaning Hossein Bader a-Din al-Khouty.

If these people succeed in leaving Yemen, then it seems extremely likely that they will seek to make aliyah and take refuge in Israel, which at present they have no desire to do. And so Mr al-Khouty, is the departure of the remaining Yemeni Jewish community likely to result in the strengthening or the weakening of Zionism?


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Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:28 pm

Just a classic example of Muslim stupidity and prejudice, even more bizarre if you are are aware of the fact that muslim Countries welcomed Jews when European countries (including ours) gave them the boot  

Anonymous this guy said... 5:05 pm

i THINK ph MAY be referring to Queen Isabella's expulsion of the Sfardic Jews in 1492. They were allowed back a few years later.

I have an Israeli LP somewhere which has a Yemeni Jewish track on it. The notes say that trad Yemeni music was played on things such as petrol cans. How old are they?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:48 pm

They do call for a spot of head scratching sometimes...

Petrol cans - oh yes, definitely an old folk instrument.  

Anonymous David Allen said... 6:41 pm

Yes, C. We get constant moaning from the Arab world about Jews displacing Palestinians in Israel _ but how many of them were driven out of Arab countries in the first place? I know that Zionism was originally a western, Ashkenazi utopian socialist thingy, but surely by now a high percentage of the Israeli Jewish population must be from or descended from an Arab background? Does anyone have the stats?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:17 pm

Brilliant post and some sensible comments. Makes a pleasant change from the anti-semitic drivel shoved down our throats by Al-BBC and others.

There are many sites that can give you stats regarding the Jews who lived in Arab lands. Try Israel Matzav to start with. Daniel Pipes' site is also a good reference point.

In broad terms about 900000 Jews came to Israel from 1946-1949. A similar number of Arabs left Judea Samaria and other parts of what is now Israel. Most settled in Jordan, or Trans-Jordan as it was called before 1950.

BTW, many Jews were kicked out of Iraq between 1969 and 1971. Of course, we never hear about that either.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:45 pm

Visit my blog for some Israel bashing , you will love it (+:  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:02 pm

Whats it called BBC website.

Do me a favour..........  

Blogger John Angliss said... 12:45 pm

This comment has been removed by the author.  

Blogger John Angliss said... 12:47 pm

This is very good. I saw it and thought of you, since I haven't seen you since you jumped into a taxi at Guido's thing!


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