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Political insider to other political insiders – the people trust *me* but not you

The inaugural (and soon to be coveted) Croydonian Chutzpah award goes to ‘Dame’ Helena Kennedy for this little gem: “Power inquiry chairman Baroness Helena Kennedy said: "British politics is in crisis, trust is at an all time low and people have little faith in politicians to deliver meaningful change. Renewing our democracy cannot be left to the political class who will fix the rules in their own interest."

This, note, is a woman elevated to the ermine in 1997, and who sits on the Labour benches. This latest broadside is a follow up to her ‘Look at me!’ Power Inquiry released last year, which few of us will have more than a dim memory of, as judging by the press coverage section of its website, it failed to make much of a stir away from the regional press. And note that it is called 'The Power Inquiry'. Very 'The Face', typography-wise.

HK’s personal website paints quite a picture. She lists her 19 honorary doctorates, if not her former membership of the CPGB.

Meanwhile, she is such a fan of getting her hands dirty with parliamentary politics that she spoke in five debates in the Lords last year, and attended one fifth of the votes….

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:50 pm

Heard her on the radio whilst driving, she was rabbiting on about her new website itsaissue .org.uk did I get this right ? I wanted to put a few pithy comments on it !  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:10 pm

She isn`t wrong though. I `m reading New Elites by George Walden and he aims the flme thrower at exactly this target..

1 Half the senior Jounalists in the country went to private school , (7% of the country )
2 There oppos in Parliament are the same people
3 We are the least meritocratic country in the West and we are getting worse every year

To all of these people unqualified immigration is an unqualified boon for example. This has been bothering me for ages , ever since , in fact ,I began to discover what the political process really consisted of .Its a shoe in for one class and a serios of chasmic barriers for evryone else. It has never been so bad it has appalling concequences and I `m glad someone is worrying about it . Whoever they are.

So I`m not quite in agreement with your emphasis on this occassion Mr. C . If I take you right  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:21 pm

Maybe she is, maybe she isn't, but a New Establishment Insider posturing as an edgy radical is theatre of the absurd at its worst. Meanwhile, her fellow Power Enquirers include two other out lefties, a couple of probable lefties, a dead woman, a Radio One DJ and one out Tory.  

Anonymous newmania said... 3:41 pm

It isn`t encouraging is it but the issue is a real one . I wouldn1t call it radical myself . I think a lot of people are thinking along the same lines . Cameron has brought it into focus but Blair is really the archetype  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:56 pm

She quite spoiled my breakfast. Today programme?  

Anonymous this guy said... 5:10 pm

I love this idea that you "renew democracy" in some way that can never be defined in any language of this planet. Perhaps it includes sending the flics round to Big Bruv.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:49 pm

But what do we know - we're just the 'poor bloody infantry'...  

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