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A further Greek clerical curosity

If the pitched battle between monks was unexpected, what about 55 nuns disappearing from their convent having, apparently, run up a debt of around a third of a million pounds? Ekathimerini quotes €500000, which is a suspiciously round figure, so I fell justified in rounding up in sterling.

How they managed to do so would seem to be something of a mystery, as the paper notes: "The nuns had allegedly used the Kirykos and Ioulittis monastery as a base for producing knitwear which they sold to 25 stores across the country. It was unclear how the alleged debt was amassed".

The mind boggles. A lot.

Meanwhile, showing Christian compassion at its finest (if not, perhaps, to the creditors...), "Archbishop Christodoulos has reportedly offered to take the Sidirokastro monastery under the wing of the Holy Synod if the nuns return". Nun but the brave would do so.

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Anonymous nick drew said... 8:21 am

Clerics are like that (His Grace excepted). The authorities will find that the € is "just resting in their accounts"  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:13 pm

So they would be

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:37 pm

That was the headline for the original, so I could not steal that.....  

Anonymous David Allen said... 12:50 pm

Not indeed the first nuns on the run. Does anyone recall that case about 10 years ago of the dozen or so elderly nuns remaining in a large (and rather valuable) convent in Belgium? They sold the convent and buggered off to the south of France with the money without leaving a forwarding address. When eventually tracked down, they said that the weather in Belgium had depressed them/ was bad for their rheumatism etc. They needed the sun and so forth. I gather they had also bought a couple of rather flash cars in which to head south.... Not sure what happened to them in the end, but it could have involved an Algerian toyboy and a stiff margarita _ and who can blame them?  

Anonymous nick drew said... 1:37 pm

Have you read of the 'Battle of Craggy Island'?


Blogger Croydonian said... 2:34 pm

I skimmed the tale, but did not read it in full.  

Anonymous Mr R said... 9:49 pm

ND - ah, go on go on go on. Drink, feck, girls.........  

Anonymous nick drew said... 10:30 pm

my sentiments precisely, Mr R

ah feckit anywa'  

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