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Clash of the Titans: Fiji vs Australia

And New Zealand too...

The Sydney Morning Herald notes that there is quite the spat going on in the South Pacific, and "Fiji's interim prime minister and military coup leader Frank Bainimarama has threatened to retaliate against Australia and New Zealand for imposing sanctions against his regime. He said he would consider "retaliatory measures" if the two nations continued to "ignore and frustrate" Fiji".

Time for some research. Fiji has a GNP per head of $5880, Australia $34889. Australia gave Fiji A$33.8m in development aid last year. Perhaps Fiji plans to follow PNG and hit Oz where it really hurts by refusing aid....

What is certain is that whatever Bainimarama schemes up, he will hurt Fiji an awful lot more than he hurts Australia & New Zealand.

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Anonymous verity said... 2:46 pm

Perhaps the Fijian prime minister is going to go over and sit on John Howard.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:03 pm

They are big folk, those Pacific Islanders. Maybe Howard could nominate a prop from the Wallabies to represent the nation in competitive sitting....  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:08 pm

C you are more right than you know. Many of the Aussie rugby players and other sportsmen are actually 'naturalised' fijians (think jack Charlton's Irish footballers for essex etc.)

Perhaps the Fijian government could retaliate by recalling all their sports people. Aussies hate losing at sport so this could be a threat!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:13 pm

Years ago I had a client in Fiji we arranged cyclone and Tsunami( yes I sing it)..cover for Hotels in the London market. I couldn1t get a response from the chap , a Kiwi called Kevin and sent increasingly irate "telexes".
Actually he was dead having been killed in a riot. ooops

On Fat and BB related matters did you see that Jade`s parfum has been withdrawn. It was called ( brace yourself) SHHHHH.

Other suggestions in the office are "Shut your F....ing Mouth you fat cow"..the scent that you can clean the loo with as well.

I still like to dab a little behind the ears  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:20 pm

CU-Aussie rugby players and other sportsmen are

Far more true of New Zealand CU and this accounts for their predominance. The Fiji and Samoan teams are actually their second teams . The Australians are always moaning about this although they also have one or two .

The Lions tour of NZ was just dreadful and don`t even say cricket.
They are a big people like many Islanders. Animals get bigger on Islands as well which is interestingly suggestive. Giant Tortoises and numerous gigantic versions of smaller mainland creatures exist.The theory is that without predators and left in one stable place the breeding competition drives evolution and the biggest wins.
Could that have happened to people ?Scottish Highlanders..same thing.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:08 pm

I see the Fijian ambassador most mornomgs , they have the number plate FIJI on the official car, not a wildly exciting anecdote , but im brain frazzled today.  

Anonymous horrible aid-slashing monsta said... 5:18 pm

Yes but PH - is he enormous?

As for Fiji being badly off without Oz-aid - suppose they rely on it too much? Suppose they spent less on the Army instead?

(Who's gonna invade? Oz? Pitcairn?)  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:32 pm

slashing monsta he sits in the front
He is a big lad , but solid , no doubt he could still give a good acount of himself if required.  

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