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A brief sojourn in Bermuda

Admittedly only virtually, alas.

All is not entirely rosy in the politics of the North Atlantic island, with the current 'scandal' being that the government has forked out $1.5m to renovate the equivalent of N0. 10, but the PM Dr Ewart 'Doc Hollywood' Brown is not going to move in. And the man has quite a sharp tongue, of which more later. Given the overall population of just shy of 66,000, government spending takes on the personal element, so this can also be viewed as $22 per head.

Ewart Brown appears to be quite the character, and I fear he fear might offer a template to British politicians who feel that they are not fitting in enough junketing as he doubles up as Minister of Transport and Tourism. This, it would appear, is not entirely normal practice in Hamilton.

Having been ruled by the United Bermuda Party since 1968, the Progressive Labour (hurrah, they use 'English' English) Party took over in 1998. While there is the usual ideological split between the two, there is perhaps a bigger gulf involving race, with the former party indentified with the white population ( 34.1%) and the PLP with the black population (54.8%) . Judging from debates in Parliament, things can get very, very nasty:

Brown "If I called that member a racist dog. You see it is the dog that matters.

Dr. Gibbons interjected: “Mr. Speaker is he calling me a racist dog?”

Dr. Brown replied: “Mr. Speaker, I would never call that member a racist dog, because I can tell that he is not a dog.”

This exchange came about when the head of the UBP was questioning Brown on fund raising efforts in the US. Dr Brown is pro-independence, and I would not be surprised if it happens in the next few years.

Perhaps more from Bermuda later.


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Anonymous suttonian said... 10:00 am

Fortunately the moderate blacks vote UBP.

Trial slogan: Vote Wendolene, get Fransois

Is Bermuda named after the truly ghastly shorts?

Must dash & see how Oz is faring.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:24 am

That’s interesting C the intersection of tribal loyalty and ideas of democracy is a whole subject don’t you think.
The intersection between race and loyalty to ones culture and identity is another.
Sounds to name like Bermuda is a good Petri dish for looking at the problem in microcosm

BTW is there some way I can avoid having to sign in every time I post ?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:33 am

S - I think the island predated the shorts.

N - I was inded intrigued that Bermuda has one of the more equal racial balances of former UK colonies, and the politics etc stemming form that is perhaps worthy of a few PhD theses.

Re signing in, once in you should stay in. Perhaps if you keep one blog window open at all times you will be able to avoid that particular irritation.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:04 am

Good plan if not very work inducive.

BTW -I see Elee is off to do PR for a Con candidate . Surely Croydinians talents are exactly what the Party requires.

God knows it needs you!!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:11 am

Lady Ellee has been working with candidates for years, but I'm not sure I'm enough of an 'organisation man' for that.  

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