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Someone at the DCMS's press office thinks he's /she's a tabloid sub-editor

How else to explain this headline:

"Government accepts Nazi loot panel's advice that drawings seized by Gestapo in 1939 but currently in UK museum must be returned to heirs".

Nazi loot panel? The body of the text makes it plain it is really called the
Spoliation Advisory Panel. The tale involves David Lammy, but I've had enough of him for one month. And how different from the almost Wodehouseian prose of the Maritime And Coastguard Agency.

Note to over-enthusiastic DCMS bod - throwing in a bit of slang does not a Sun sub-editor make. Does anyone feel that they can improve on the DCMS's headline?

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Blogger Philipa said... 10:49 pm

The powers that be must return etchings looted by powers that wanted to be. (*whispers* don't mention the war)  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:19 pm

I was hoping to get my anti semitic jackboots on over this , however, it seems others are to blame .
A darkie!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:59 am

The Nazis Looted Stuff? :)  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:21 am

I know the Germans are famously disciplined, but Loot Panels? Did they decide who was going to loot what?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:32 am

Philipa - very good.

PH - Go on, admit it, you are a closet liberal.

TR - just about covers it, yes.

Serf - although it was Mussolini who made the trains run on time.  

Blogger dearieme said... 8:04 pm

Did the Nazis go on freebie holidays at the expense of famous caterwaulers?  

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