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A little light showing off

I have discovered a web app which analyses one's prose style and then matches it to a noted writer.

Therefore, I am delighted to declare that when I tried out my hospital post on it, the app was perspicacious enough to recognise that I write like Charles Dickens.

Have a go here, and feel free to post any amusing results in the comments.

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Blogger Old BE said... 12:16 pm

George Orwell!!!!!! Yeah, right.

I wonder if their database has any unflattering comparisons..?  

Anonymous opsimath said... 12:29 pm

David Foster Wallace. Nor me, I'm sorry to say!

Nice idea, though - thanks for the link.  

Anonymous opsimath said... 12:39 pm

It is I, yet again.

I have discovered who David Foster Wallace was and am quite flattered!

A rather longer piece of my writing likened me to Anne Rice - now that, I'm not so sure of!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:45 pm

BE - I guess we just have to keep on trying, don't we?

O - Yup, he doesn't sound too bad a writer, does he? I've never read any Rice, but having seen 'Interview' do not think she can write convincing male characters.  

Blogger John M Ward said... 1:55 pm

I too write like Charles Dickens, apparently.

Well, I live in Medway, which is currently preparing to bid for City Status, and one part of Medway (Rochester) lost its City Status a dozen years ago, so perhaps I could one day write a Tale of Two Cities...  

Anonymous Chuckles said... 2:03 pm

Edmund Wells? Dikkens with 2-K's, the well known Dutch author?  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 9:28 pm

H P Lovecraft here

hmm, not sure how to take that

shall try out some other posts of different characteristics  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 9:32 pm


James Joyce this time

could become rather addictive ... for a bit  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:35 am

I would be rather pleased with JJ...  

Blogger J Bonington Jagworth said... 10:49 am

"I write like Charles Dickens"

That's just because you use words like perspicacious.. :-)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:59 am

'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...'  

Blogger Jackart said... 11:44 am

I HATE dickens.  

Anonymous Andrew Zalotocky said... 9:23 pm

I got H P Lovecraft as well. Still, it explains why I've never had much luck with the romantic epistles to the ladies. Shall I compare thee to a nameless horror that blasts men's souls...  

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