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Should the good burghers of Hammersmith & Fulham be worried?

Spotted while out and about:

And a late breaking 1960 Hansard nugget:

Smell Nuisance, Tees-side

Mr. Chetwynd asked the Minister of Housing and Local Government and Minister for Welsh Affairs what action has been taken in the last year to find out the causes of the tom-cat smell which periodically afflicts Stockton-on-Tees and the Tees-side area; and what is being done to remedy this situation.
Sir K. Joseph (Yes, HIM)  This smell has not been reported since 1957, when the source was traced and interim remedies applied. These temporary measures have been replaced during the past year by permanent measures which have proved effective. There are occasional complaints about a fish-like smell from an amines plant. Remedies have been applied with success, but complete elimination of smell at all times cannot be guaranteed.

And because it would be selfish not to share this:

The Wikipedia Metal Umlaut article.  The related links are near as dammit pure gold too.

Anyway, I'm going off reservation for a bit, so blogging will be non-existent for a bit.  'See' you when I'm back, meanwhile comment moderation will be on.

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Blogger Old BE said... 1:14 pm

A clever question indeed Mr Chiswickite. The "good" burghers should of course rejoice that the council is giving up some of its many leases in the prime retail area of Hammersmith and reducing its overheads....  

Anonymous Alex Bloke said... 10:37 am

"Cynical optimist" seems to have stopped on 16.10.09

16/10 is my half-birthday. I always half-celebrate. Must look up my half-starsign.

27.06.10 Pom v Deutsch Day in Bloomfontein (named after Bloom of Bloomsday)  

Anonymous Tigre des Bois said... 5:13 pm

American puppets of South Corea out in q-finals. Shoulda used ju che.

Still on walkabout? Evidemment.

Juicy story about Mesdames Woerth & Lilliancourt.  

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