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The Labour MPs who did not nominate - a cut out 'n' keep guide

Were they too lazy, too stupid, too right wing, too left wing or too scared of causing offence?  Or something else...

  • Graham Allen
  • Nick Brown
  • Gordon Brown
  • Richard Burden
  • Liam Byrne
  • Martin Caton
  • Stella Creasy
  • Tony Cunningham
  • Jim Dowd *
  • Angela Eagle
  • Roger Godsiff
  • Dai Havard *
  • David Heyes *
  • Glenda Jackson
  • Gregg McClymont
  • Graeme Morrice
  • Ian Murray
  • Dawn Primarolo
  • Graham Stringer
  • Gisela Stuart
This has been derived by comparing the list of Labour MPs here with the list of nominators per candidate.  I would not stake everything on it, given Stephen Twigg shows as having nominated Abbott and Miliband sr in Labour List's, erm, lists. Any corrections gratefully received.

Those asterisked were Brown refuseniks in 2007, so either they have not got the hang of this voting business, or they really want to make sure that no fingers can be pointed at them.

Stella Creasy has e-mailed to ask for a correction, so there's a strike through her name now.   She shows as voting in LL's list now, but she did not at the time of posting.  As a sidebar, I thought it was depressing having a PM younger than I am, but having MPs born in years that I remember (1977) is enough to send one off to find a sharp instrument.

A further upmail suggests that LL has been doing some more updating, so I have performed a re-count.


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Blogger JuliaM said... 1:55 pm

How can anyone take so little interest that they don't bother to vote for their own party leadership..?  

Blogger stellacreasy said... 2:11 pm

Hello - I did vote so please amend your record as you've confused @torybear!


Stella Creasy MP  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:15 pm

Julia - you have to wonder, don't you?

Stella - Amendment duly noted. You show in LL's list now, but you did not at time of posting.  

Anonymous Shaun said... 2:21 pm

Liam Byrne has nominated David Miliband


As did Richard Burden & Angela Eagle for that matter. Think the list your sourced did not include some of the last minute nominations.  

Anonymous Kim Il Ducé said... 9:50 am

Right-wing Labour MPs? Have you taken leave of your senses?

(Chant: There's only one Frank Field)

Yours in Ju Che


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