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Remembering the past, pt II

Our Gallic chums, being a civilised and thoughtful bunch, continue to have 11/11 as a public holiday. As a Gaul of my acquaintance put it, a day to remember is rather more respectful than a minute. Good point well made.

Anyway, Gauls have been polled on their knowledge of the reason for the public holiday, and I think they have acquitted themselves quite well:

The 1918 Armistice - 46%
The Armistice, end of the war, the 14-18 war - 30%

I would add a further 8% who answered thus - remembering those who died for France (etc), the end of the 14-18 war, victory.

So, 84% basically got it right.

6% reckoned the end of WWII, 2% said All Saints.

11% did not know.

The figures in the original do not add up, by the way.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:38 pm

If we had a public holiday on 11/11 it would only be known for trips to the DIY store.

Can you imagine the adverts on TV?

"Remember the fallen, with a 15% discount on all prices at B&Q"  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:46 pm

I make you right there. Depressing, isn't it?  

Blogger Old BE said... 4:52 pm

We were poppies and they are popular across large sections of "society" which makes me feel warm inside.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:05 pm

There is that, yes. I have yet to spot a medal-bedecked veteran to buy my poppy from, so feel a little under-dressed when out and about.  

Blogger Old BE said... 6:02 pm

OMG I typed "were" oh the shame. I struggled to find poppies on sale this year too, but luckily WH Smith in the Elephant shopping centre came to my rescue.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:45 pm

We all slip up. Ma Croydonian runs a free proof reading service and e-mails the errors she spots.  

Blogger TheFatBigot said... 7:27 pm

The numbers do add up, they just don't add up to 100. OK, I'll get my coat.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:29 pm


Serves me right for being inexact.  

Blogger Jonny Mac said... 12:06 pm

"2% said All Saints". That would be fair enough, if we could have a day off in memory of the Spice Girls. And two minutes' silence for Amy Winehouse.


I'll get me coat.  

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