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And my new blog is called.....

Thursday, February 03, 2011
Closed beta testing having seen my new blog name getting the thumbs up - thanks Dizzy, Blue Eyes and Catherine - I now declare my new blog open.

It can be found here - http://quizzicalgaze.blogspot.com/ .  I think that the name is fairly suggestive of content and it has three zeds in it, which is really rather fine.

Any readers linking, subscribing or reading Croydonian should change their links, as I am closing the blog.  I will not be posting here again, and I will switch off the ability to make comments.  Thank you readers from 2006 to date, especially those who checked in of late to see whether I was ever going to post again, in particular these fine folk - in alphabetical order - All Seeing Eye, Capitalists@work, JuliaM and Lakelander.

I intend to post on the same sorts of thing as before, and the dropping of the name does not indicate that there is anything amiss in Chiswick or my life more broadly - very far from it, more that the url and the croydonian name appearing on my posts and comments is both inappropriate and anachronistic.


Coming soon - a new name, and a lot more blogging

Tuesday, February 01, 2011
I have decided to start afresh under a new, and non-geographical name.  I landgrabbed a name on blogger yesterday and currently have it in closed alpha, erm, beta testing   - as in I say 'I'm calling my new blog [x], what do you think?'  Old friends should feel free to e-mail me for the prospective name.   I would note that is is astonishing quite how many great names have been taken by folk who posted once, five years ago.   I am not altogether decided as to whether I'll use blogger or wordpress, which is another reason for not making too much noise about the name.

If feedback continues to be positive, I'll use the new name, and will continue along the same lines as before.  This blog will then be closed to comments and have a final re-direction post. 

Meanwhile, this little hissy fit from the NASUWT :

"Responding to the statement by Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, that he will stop Ofsted from inspecting the contents of children’s lunchboxes, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ Union, said:

“This is a blatant attempt to distract the public.

“Whilst encouraging people to think about whether Ofsted should inspect lunchboxes, the Secretary of State is pushing through Parliament a Bill that will allow his favoured academies to charge whatever they like for milk, school meals and refreshments.

“Children’s health and nutrition is clearly a low priority when compared with enabling privatised schools to profiteer.

“This is yet another barrier for some families to admission to these elitist institutions.”

Being a picky eater, I went in for packed lunches at secondary school, and would not have allowed an inspector anywhere near what I was eating.  Probably by wolfing it at break, rather than by taking a Luther-like stand,  I hasten to add.  I rather approve of both of the Govemeister's schemes, by the way.