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EU Election results live blog

Being a truly tragic case, I have laid in with pizza and beer, and taken up residence on the couch all the better to watch the EU's own results broadcast via a laptop plugged into my TV. Fellow saddoes can find the programme here.

Not a lot happening so far, just a mixture of talking heads,mainly in English,with the odd outbreak of French. Bar the chin music, the only thing I have discovered thus far is that the Romanian turnout was low,but the Romanian commissar pointed out that was not because Romanians are 'anti-europe' but rather because turnouts are generally low.

More if it happens.

Estimated turn out:

Austria - 42%.
Latvia - 41% (With a map of Lithuania..)
Cyprus - 58%
Slovenia - 20%

Credit to the EUBC for showing a clip of a typical Eurocitizen (a Frenchwoman) who ended up saying she could not be bothered to vote.

African parliamentary observers have been following the elections here and in Germany,which makes a change. African chap agrees with the interviewer that EU elections lack the legitimacy of (some, presumably) African elections owing to lousy turnout.

Italy turnout - 56%

Commissar Wallstrom reckons turnout is steady or down across the 27. Her command of English is astounding. She speaks the language better than most natives. For a Socialist, she does not seem completely evil.

Irish academic has just been asked a question by a grinning Spaniard interlocutor, and was allowed to ramble on for two minutes un-miked. He's just had to do it all over again. And we let these people spend our money?

Rather elegant, if a little red-faced, female questioner of undetermined nationality has just asked whether the Lisbon Treaty will have 'a happy ending'. Spot the inherent bias.... Irish chap reckons that if we get a referendum and say no, the Irish would be minded to throw up their hands and assume Lisbon was dead.

Apparently the ECB is the only EU institution to do well over the financial crash. Not that I noticed. This c/o of balding chap whose name I missed. He also thinks that people voting for non-centrist parties is bad for democracy.

The talking heads think that we have all been very naughty for voting on national rather than European issues. Perhaps they should sack the electorate etc (apologies to Brecht). One might note that we British types should get a gold star for the strong showing of UKIP - that was voting on euro issues,wasn't it?

Pan Euro turnout - sub 43%. Down on 2004
DK - turnout 50.75%. Up from 2004
Bulgaria - 37.9% (I think)
Rep Ireland - 61%

Estimated turnout now 43.01%. 192m ish people voted

Romania - 21.6%
Spain - 46% "Setting a good example"
Germany - 42%
Estonia - 43%

As the prog is now interviewing lots of ghastly euroyouth, a French update:

Gaullists ahead at 28% (yay - to a point), followed by the Socialists at 17.5. The Libs have fallen off a cliff at 9%. Lead extremist party is the Greens - third at 16%, and second in the SE and Gtr Paris. Terrifying.

Elsewhere, 6.5% for the FN, 6.3% for the Communists and 5% for the new wave Trots.

Given that the PS has seen its seats halved - 31 to 15, Martine 'daughter of Delors' Aubry, head of the French Socialists has said 'we are no longer credible'. Tell Gordon while you are it.

Meanwhile, an amusingly bad map seen at Liberation:

Wot, no Belgium, no Denmark, no Ulster in the EU? I might edit the pic later.

Our Irish chums - Fine Gael doing well. Lisbon not an issue, apparently. Libertas bought the farm. 'Dead as a political force' according to an Irish pundit. Something to cheer everyone up, a distressed Irish estate agent has noted that his town has lost 7 of its 12 estate agents of late. Stoke well the fires of Hell....

36.5% turnout in the Netherlands
Slovakia - 19.6%. Up.
Austria - 42.4%. Unchanged

Meanwhile, the prices at Betfair show slightly lengthening odds on the B*P winning a seat, and Labour at 10-12 seats is only marginally narrower (1.82) than Labour at nine seats or fewer (2.0).

Meanwhile, those wacky Swedes look likely to be sending two Pirate Party MEPs to Brussels. They are the folk none too keen on intellectual property rights.

In Germany the SPD has been caned - 21.1%, a historic low. Merkel's lot secured 44.5%. My pick, the Free Democrats, advanced from 6.1% to 10%. Alas the far left in the form of Die Linke and the Greens also advanced.

And the key story of the night - the results for the French commune wherein live the mother of children and the boys themselves, and no, I'm not naming it:

41% turnout, dead heat at 44 votes each for the PS and the Greens, followed by the Gaullists at 38. The Left Front - Communists plus useful idiots took 33 votes (ex in-laws have been known to refer to the place as P'tit Moscou) , Liberals 13 and Breton Nationalists 12. A further six parties secured votes.

Slovakia - Left 32.1%, 5,5% for extreme nationalists.

*Pedantry alert*

The BBC's use of 'per cent' when they mean 'percentage points' is infuriating me.

The centre right looks to have won in the European Big Five. The Socialists have taken a bath.

My man in Haringey tells me that the count in his neck of the woods has seen the left well ahead, and he has been roundly abused by Labour activists purely for being a Tory. Such nice people.

And I think that's probably enough for the night, and I'm switching over to conventional TV that I might point and laugh at the Labour Party's various flak catchers.

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Blogger Blue Eyes said... 7:30 pm

Pizza and beer sounds good!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:40 pm

If any of the folk I was harassing earlier had agreed to a pint, I would be sparing everyone the blogging....  

Blogger Andrew Allison said... 7:44 pm

I hear the Lib Dems may lose their only seat in the North East and that Labour are looking like coming third in Wales.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 7:52 pm

Nobody harassed me ;-)  

Blogger James D said... 8:01 pm

Well, I'm sitting here in Cardiff with a bottle of rose. At this rate, we should set up an elections geek club...  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 8:07 pm

Polls have just closed in Florence. There are local and provincial elections running here too and those close at 3pm tomorrow, but the Europeans are over. Makes it harder to get an idea of European poll interest.

The mass of ballot papers was unnerving.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:15 pm

James - good for us, eh?

HG - Any updates from Firenza will be gratefully received. Wish I was in that beautiful city rather than a rain-lashed Croydon...  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 8:54 pm

Back in the countryside now. The instant, phone polls for Repubblica are giving

39-43 percent to Berlusconi/Fini/Bossi PDL centre right

27-31 percent Partito Democratico , former communists, socialists, centre left.

They started counting immediately the polls closed. Low poll, under 55%.
I'm having a chocolate icecream and a Sambuca.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:57 pm

HG - life sounds good.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 9:22 pm

"The BBC's use of 'per cent' when they mean 'percentage points' is infuriating me."

Me too, but this is now a common media stupidity. Something to do with the total lack of basic mathematics skills in Britain.  

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