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Three cheers for the Dutch - they have counted their euro votes

And out the Euro commissariat well and truly in its place:

"The final results of the Europe-wide elections will not be known until Sunday evening, when voting has been completed in all EU member states. Contravening Brussels' preferences, the Netherlands is not witholding the election results until Sunday. The tradition is for the outcome to be published as soon as the votes have been counted. The table below summarises the Dutch results, with 92 percent of the votes counted. Turnout was at 36 percent, slightly below the 40 percent mark of 2004".

And a fair old mix has been returned by our friends from the polders:

Christian Democrats 5
Labour 3
Conservative VVD 3
Social-liberal D66 3
GreenLeft 3
Socialist Party 2
Christian Union/Dutch Reformed Party 2
Freedom Party 4

The Freedom Party is Geert Wilders' lot.

I want the UK's results, and I want them NOW.

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Blogger Man in a Shed said... 11:46 am

There's a lot to be said for the Dutch.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:50 am

Agreed. They are blunt lot and have zero tolerance for cant. (I have a Dutch stepfather who survived a Japanese concentration camp)  

Blogger James Higham said... 4:51 pm

Yes but be fair, Mr. C - they can do things properly over there.  

Blogger Tiresias said... 12:01 pm

Dismally off topic but I haven't popped in to say hello for ages.

Q. What is the difference between Wotan and Gordon Brown?

A. One is a battered, one-eyed kleptomaniac, the other is a Norse God.

That opera buff, Dungeekin, might be better qualified to press the parallels further, but with his elevation to "First Secretary of State" (DPRK?), Lord Mandelson seems to have fulfilled his destiny as a sort of Loge figure.

Think about it. He disappears early in the Drama although maintains some sort of remote presence in incorporeal form. The logs of the New Labour Valhalla are piled up and doused in kerosene. And who is the one that is holding the lighted match?

Ah yes, and as well as being the god of fire, Loge is also the god of duplicity.  

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