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A public apology to the German people

Our German friends have had quite a lot to put up with quite a lot from us over the last few years - the tabloid press, soccer hooligans, lack of enthusiasm for German re-unification etc etc, but a line has been crossed:

J***ie O***ver has taken it upon himself to lecture die Deutschen völk on their eating habits. More here, in English.

I am really, really sorry. You have done nothing to deserve this. I had to apologise to Australia a while back too.

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Anonymous Time will Tell said... 1:04 pm

I once spoke to the chief executive of a well known British food manufacturer - almost everyone in the UK has eaten its products some time over the years.

" Why don't you expand into the German market?"

"They are only interested in tonnage."  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 1:07 pm

You only have to take one look at his pudgy face before the words "pot, kettle" cross your mind. Having said that his cook book is relatively interesting and who could hold his attack on school dinners against him?  

Anonymous Mr R said... 1:28 pm

Jamie writes his cook books as much as Gordon cooks in one of Gordon's restaurants. The recipes work because there is a whole load of food technicians behind the scenes who come up with & test the recipes to buggery to make sure they work & make everyone think Jamie is this fantastic chef. Bollocks. However I will concede that his work on school dinners is a very noble and worthwhile exercise and he deserves to be commened for it.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:08 pm

TWT - Good anecdote, cheers.

BE/Mr R - Well, I was doing some freelance research (what I do for a living) a while back, and the 'something must be done about school dinners' movement was in full swing long before the odious Oliver spotted an opportunity for self-promotion.  

Anonymous Mr R said... 2:11 pm

I thought you blogged for a living!!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:14 pm

If only.....  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 2:35 pm

Mr C of course you are right (you are at least 100% of the time) but I still give some credit to Oliver for raising the profile.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:38 pm

Alas no, being right all the time is only for God and any woman I am involved with.

He did raise the profile of the issue, yes, but I still want to bitch slap him.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:05 pm

For the avoidance of all doubt, and to avoid my getting a slap, the reference to 'any woman I am involved with' should be read as referring to past entanglements.

Not that I've had anyone standing at my shoulder and proving me right. No. Not even remotely.  

Blogger Semaj Mahgih said... 4:51 am

The Germans do have a particular way of eating though.  

Anonymous nomad said... 7:43 am

I am still torn between wondering whether this is sour grapes or sour kraut...  

Blogger Andrew Allison said... 3:21 pm

I think Mr Oliver has appointed himself as the Commisioner of the Food Police.  

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