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A challenge to the readership - political food

The New York Times has an interesting piece on the political demographics of certain foodstuffs:

"If there’s butter and white wine in your refrigerator and Fig Newtons in the cookie jar, you’re likely to vote for Hillary Clinton. Prefer olive oil, Bear Naked granola and a latte to go? You probably like Barack Obama, too. And if you’re leaning toward John McCain, it’s all about kicking back with a bourbon and a stuffed crust pizza while you watch the Democrats fight it out next week in Pennsylvania.


For example, Dr Pepper is a Republican soda. Pepsi-Cola and Sprite are Democratic. So are most clear liquors, like gin and vodka, along with white wine and Evian water. Republicans skew toward brown liquors like bourbon or scotch, red wine and Fiji water. When it comes to fried chicken, he said, Democrats prefer Popeyes and Republicans Chick-fil-A. “Anything organic or more Whole Foods-y skews more Democratic,” Mr. [Matthew] Dowd [ex Bush strategist] said

Sadly I cannot run to funding a survey, but perhaps readers would care to make some suggestions?

I'll start off with a couple of sitters - 'fair trade' goods must skew left, and deliberate buying of Jaffa Oranges / Carmel avocados must place one on the side of the angels.....

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Anonymous View from the Solent said... 1:26 pm

Hmm. Where are the Marmite-lovers positioned?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:26 pm

So where would you put my liking for foie gras and killing live shellfish then? But I also always have white wine & butter in my fridge.....  

Anonymous Mr R said... 1:27 pm

Marmite should be banned - work of the devil.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:37 pm

Can't say I think of Marmite as being especially political, but there may well be a strong skew.

While taste for 'gourmet' food was a Democratic indicator over yonder (forgetting for now how they overuse 'gourmet'), I would think that live sea food, foie gras and game would be very, very Tory, although clearly it is a skew, not an absolute.  

Anonymous nomad said... 1:48 pm

I cannot remember the last time I read such a (corn) flakey survey (even chez Dale!)  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 3:32 pm

Rare beef is definitely a Big T Tory food while grilled chicken is left-liberal fare.

Coca-cola and Nestle products are obviously out for trendies.

White wine for the elite, red for the connoisseurs; black freshly roasted coffee vs tall skinny decaf latte.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 3:33 pm

Oh sorry that coffee comment was racist, I meant coffee without milk rather than "black".  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:46 pm

BE - Naughty naughty.

Way back lost etc etc, a friend was a gopher at a hospital, and was doing a coffee / tea round for smug people in white coats. One quack, of Nigerian origin, requests a coffee, 'hot and sweet, the way I like my women', at which friend is compelled to ask, 'Erm, is that black or white?'. Quack replies, 'I don't think that's funny'.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 3:51 pm

Indeed, one must be very careful these days not to offend minority ethnic beverages.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:19 pm

If you make an ethnic minority chuckle - are you allowed to say it was a snigger?

Anyway: Bovril rather than Marmite. Vegemite is definitely lefty.

Venison and pheasant are sound for a respectable household.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 11:47 am

surely veggie leanings are a core root of all lefty social handwringers.

together with a proclivity to be anti-bloodsports and being nasty any of gods' creations, Tories apart too.

which must leave asparagus as a difficult one given its expense. I think maybe Jerusalem artichokes may be right-wing for various reasons.

On the drinks front, surely bitter is the drink of the left as opposed to champers for those of a more positive outlook?  

Anonymous Mr R said... 1:21 pm

Jerusalem articjhokes are an acquired tsaste and therefore must be right of centre. They are an absolute bugger to peel too.  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 7:07 pm

For the well to the right are offered:

l'Antipasto intuitivo, followed by il Brodo solare, or il Mare d'Italia, and then, il Pollofiat, e il Carneplastico.

But Marinetti did it better.  

Anonymous Mr R said... 8:10 pm

HG - you are obviously a woman of taste. Where would Mr C place ortolan I wonder? According to Escoffier "the taste is exquisite"  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 10:18 am

I intend to try out the antipasto intuitivo, Mr R. Blindfolded guests will be asked to decide what they are about to eat by feel - rather like that children's party game where blindfolded guests are required to guess which part of Admiral Nelson is being offered to them.  

Anonymous Mr R said... 1:18 pm

HG - put a nose peg on each of your guests too & then ask them to guess what they are eating. Its called organolyptic taste testing. I did it at catering college and was unknowingly fed mustard ice cream. It felt like eating cold sand to be honest but the fire of the mustard didn't hit until the nose peg came off. It is a very surreal way of experiencing food.  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 2:14 pm

Mr R. The nose peg woman lives in quite another part of Tuscany. Guests here could well panic and hurt themselves fighting their way down the stairways if offered nose pegs.

Did you try altering the colours of food as well? Black risotto is pretty standard now but I can never bring myself to eat it.  

Anonymous Mr R said... 4:32 pm

HG - we were blindfolded as well so there was no need to change the colour. Ristto nero is ok, messy to make if you have to get the ink out of the squid mind you. Black pasta looks good but again, its not really great taste wise.  

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