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Meanwhile, in a parallel universe...

..inhabited only by Mirror leader writers, this thought has occurred:

"A win for Labour's Ken Livingstone will be a devastating blow for Tory leader David Cameron. Questions will start to be asked about whether Cameron can deliver votes in the ballot box rather than just easy soundbites for the cameras. Murmurings of unrest among Conservative backbenchers will get louder".

The Mirror has never had any pretence to balance, let alone fairness in its op-eds (and to think people on the Left moan about the Mail....), but it does owe its readers something approaching nodding terms with reality.

So, such London-wide rule as there has been since the fall of Horace Cutler's GLC administration in 1981 has been by Labour. If Livingstone wins (kayn ayn hore), it will not be a surprise, still less 'a devastating blow' for Cameron as London has been a Left-leaning city for years, for reasons that I cannot see any value going into right now.

I think what they meant to say was this:

"A win for Conservative Boris Johnson will be a devastating blow for Labour leader Gordon Brown. Questions will again be asked about whether Brown can deliver votes at the ballot box rather than photo opportunities. Existing loud noises of unrest among Labour backbenchers will develop into open revolt".

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OpenID lettersfromatory said... 8:48 am

Defeat for Labour in the local and mayoral elections could lead to almost a complete collapse in government. Bring it on.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:07 am

I'm still hoping that Brown will be the shortest serving Labour PM ever, but live to a hundred thus giving us the chance to mock and jeer for many, many years to come.  

Anonymous grumpy granny said... 9:37 am

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Is Ken heading for a fall?
Ken and co don't give a stuff
But Londoners have had enough.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 10:40 am

I see young Mr Paddick is suggesting that his supporters don't support the nasty little man and that Boris is harmless. This is certainly a turn-up.  

Anonymous Mr R said... 1:23 pm

I know you are a cunning linguist but that was a lovely touch of Yiddish Mr C  

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