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Planting the flag on Iwoto

Which is what happened in the photograph below:

Might take a bit of getting used to, but the Japanese Geographical Survey Institute "said the name was changed at the request of the island's former residents, who were displaced by the Self-Defense Forces". Source


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Anonymous dearieme said... 3:18 pm

It's a re-enactment: it was posed for the cameraman some time after the action. (You'll find it admitted, albeit with lots of mealy-mouthed obfuscation, on lots of American sites.) Likewise the famous photo of Red Army troops at the Reichstag: posed. A famous photo of British infantry advancing at El Alamein is also bogus - it was taken during training before the battle. And the famous milkie carrying on with his deliveries over the rubble of blitzed London - fake. The camera ever lies.  

Blogger Hercules said... 4:43 pm

Flags of our fathers is an interesting film by Clint Eastwood that tells the story behind this picture.

It's worth a watch!  

Anonymous IanCroydon said... 9:35 am

dearieme, the flag raising event was not admitted as being staged, quite the reverse, the "staged" myth stems from a question which the photographer thought referred to another (obviously staged) photo, the fact this was a second flag raising of the day and the participants were lauded ahead of those in the first flag raising, and a report by Time magazine that was later retracted and apologised for.

This picture has never been admitted as staged and there is a movie film evidence taken of the same event to back that claim up.

The only controversy about the picture is the misidentification of one of the participants.  

Anonymous Somchai said... 1:31 pm

If there was a camera present in advance at any of the WW2 events noted by dearieme then clearly it was staged. There were too few to have been 'there' at the right place at the right time. Equally, it would be bogus to await or go with a camera crew before acting; it would lack the necessary spontaneity not to have been staged.

But, then, the press has a strange idea of reality. I spotted this little gem today [a bit off your topic, C, for which pray forgive me]:

"By FOSTER KLUG, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - The second-ranking U.S. diplomat and his Chinese counterpart hope to use two days of talks to ease tensions and strengthen ties between the world's strongest power and its fastest-growing upstart."

How long does China need to have existed not to be an upstart to AP?  

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