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Do fires and other emergencies affect races and the sexes differently?

London's mayor would seem to think so, as he has refused to accept most of the nominations made by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats for the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, as they "failed to tackle the under representation of women and Black, Asian and ethnic minority Londoners on the authority".

Not that he is playing politics, as he has been happy enough to confirm the nominations of white males by the Greens and One London.

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Blogger Guthrum said... 12:06 pm

hmmm, a bit like a meeting I went to last week, where the various organisations involved knew there was a finite day to complete a project, and yet members of a 'black cooperative' on an 'approved list' turned up three hours late for a meeting to discuss who was going forward to the tender round, then started banging on about discrimination and under representation. At which point I left to get my train home pursued by a Bear !  

Anonymous fransois.nl said... 4:41 pm

Ah, but then Mr Johnson of the Grenes is gay. - The Grenes are the sort of lefties who are tremendously keen on immigration but are themselves all white (no doubt, to their distress).
Wonder what Rebekah (sic) Gilbert(Blue) has done to be approved by Rainbow Ken?  

Blogger Ed said... 6:53 pm

The population of my flat does not reflect the makeup of the general population by being disgustingly white. Does that mean that Ken would disappove?  

Anonymous b. manning said... 8:48 am

Indeed. Adopt an illegal immigrant immediately. Preferably a highly disturbed African gang member.

We are all guilty.

Tuesday 09:45  

Anonymous IanCroydon said... 9:40 am

I understand Mr Livingstone is keen to stay in power until at least 2012 in order to oversee the Olympics.

Considering the length of time he has been holding the reigns of London, even longer considering his tenure of the GLC, isn't it about time he stepped down to give minority interests a turn ?  

Anonymous Nomad said... 12:59 pm

Ian: "reigns of London" - a common spelling error, but in this case, how apt!  

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