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Time for a 70's revival...

At least in the minds of the T&G ahem, 'Unite'.

Ford appear to be intent on selling off Land Rover and Jaguar, and Unite does not like that prospect one little bit:

"Tony Woodley [said]...If the only choice is the asset stripping private equity option then there should be some form of direct government intervention to make sure these manufacturing champions, these iconic brands and a major plank of British manufacturing industry are secured for the longer term, both for jobs and the economy of our country".

He also "rejected the private equity route pointing to independent studies done for the T&G section of Unite which, he said, showed that wages and conditions were cut and jobs were lost".

Uh-huh. Not that it linked to the research, and I do wonder quite how independent and comprehensive those studies were.

Reading the 72 point helvetica between the lines, he is actually calling for nationalisation of the two brands. Wouldn't that send out a fabulous message to investors about the British business environment? Meanwhile, fellow grey beards may well recall the fabulous success that was BMC/British Leyland/Rover group/MG Rover group.


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Anonymous this 70s guy said... 3:24 pm

I do indeed.

What gets me is not so much that it wdn't work, but that a TU leader doesn't know New Labor are so terrified of being identified with 70s unions that there is no chance of it hapning.  

Blogger Matt Dean said... 4:51 pm

At Southampton City Council we are working to outsource a number of council services to the private sector. most employees are neutral or even happy about it and even Unison drew back from strike action but Unite (whose members are largely unaffected) have been as militant and disruptive as possible to date.
the only good thing to come out of the 1970s was The Sweeney!
Hope all is well Croydonian.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 9:10 pm

well with stagflation setting in a new prime minister set ot have a Callahgan of a time we may well be back there.

We just need an oil shock and some postal strikes....  

Anonymous Nomad Greywhiskers said... 7:35 am

Why don't we Afro-styled baldies and greybeards form ourselves into a 70's style pop group?

We could call ourselves "The Wed Wobbo Wevival" (and travel round the country in our Wobin Weliants!).

Any suggestions for our signature/theme tune?  

Anonymous N. Holder said... 11:50 am

Mama we're all crazee now?  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 1:46 pm

'We just need an oil shock..'

CU, I had an oil shock this morning; the EU has awarded me an annual grant till 2012 for the new pre 2002 trees!

My first CAP subsidy.


Anonymous Nomad said... 3:24 am

Excellent news!! Now you can afford to take all us old penurious greybeards out for a wee noggin!  

Anonymous David Allen said... 10:33 am

What a pity that these days we only get to hear what union officials think after it has been filtered thru their lavishly paid 'communications professionals'and posted on a website. The Tories' best recruiting sergeant in the 70's was the daily round of greasy haired, dandruff-bedecked trolls (aka shop stewards) appearing on the nightly news broadcasts. Any normal person only had to see them to think: "If they're for it, I'm agin it."  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 8:43 pm

Nomad, it was such a surprise to lay hands on some of my hard-earned cash - I never thought I would see it again.

As for Land Rover and Jaguar, FIAT wants to buy them. You can get 90 small olive trees into a LWB Defender so they're the last word here.

I'm not doing wine, but there's lots of it about should you be south of Florence.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:28 am


I agree the LWB L/R is a fab vehicle. I have covered thousands of miles in them in my time. In the 1970s I had a SWB version. It was ex-army, 17 years old, had big desert balloon tyres on and, despite the treatment it must have endured over the years, still went like clockwork. I cannot understand why those concerned played silly buggers with that company. It is time somebody brought it home and did the job properly without the assistance of the Red Robbo types.

The last time I was in an LWB version I was heading south through the Sahara. A comfortable and trouble free journey.

On another occasion I was in a different desert heading to an oil installation in a fairly new Range Rover. Damned thing conked out miles from anywhere and we had to be rescued by a (then) new fangled Land Cruiser. Oh, the shame!!

(Above from Nomad, who cannot seem to get this contribution accepted by blogger under that name)  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 8:25 am

If FIAT do decide to buy Land Rover perhaps they could be sold with a Fiat500 fitted at the back or underneath, for inner city riding.  

Blogger james higham said... 9:19 am

The LWB L/R was a top vehicle. I drove one for some time.  

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