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Headlines that flatter only to deceive

Like this one from the Maritime And Coastguard Agency, which is nevertheless still my favourite quango:

'Playing Around' : an apology".

Sounds like it could be amusing, does it not? Alas they are apologising to the owner of a yacht of that name. Sigh.

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Anonymous IanCroydon said... 3:12 pm

Along the same lines, there is a "Breaking News" section of the magazine Fortean Times, with wonderful headlines.

The online version actually has links:



Belgian military deployed to combat caterpillars  

Anonymous flashgordonnz said... 7:47 pm

Blow torches on caterpillars? That's an alternative to sledge hammers and walnuts is it?

Don't draw attention to their work, Ian: all the greenies will hear and be up in arms. Then they will go to the forest in Belgium and put a stop to the killing. Maybe by hugging the caterpillars. Hang on...  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:59 pm

Last year the Burton Daily Mail had the headline "Mass Murderer Shot Dead!" It was about a man shooting a rat or something that had been killing fish in his pond...really.

If you had a moment to spare you could pop over to the blogpower awards via the link on my blog and vote for me (Cats 1 and 14) as I am being crushed by the forces of reaction)  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 10:50 pm

If cats are being crushed, M, I'm on my way to vote against it. Can I vote for you again?  

Anonymous Nomad said... 12:47 pm

As I reported at the time elsewhere, there was a recent headline in my local paper which read: "Crab Prick Kills Fisherman".

Several miles offshore, the poor bloke apparently spiked his finger while handling a large crab. The wound turned septic and he died before he could get back home for treatment.  

Blogger james higham said... 6:37 pm

You do a lot of this Quango Watching, Mr. C? Bit of spare time on the hands?  

Anonymous Fredalo said... 4:20 pm

Even more on the Quangos' hands.

Less than an hour to go till the Frog resultats start coming in!  

Anonymous fredalo said... 4:24 pm

These caterpillars - do they speak Dutch or French?

Seems Belgie/Belgique is having an election theyselves today. But all I've heard about it is a patronising article in y-day's Le Monde.

Am off to consult l'Oracle. (Wikip)  

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