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Chutzpah - a new definition

Courtesy of Spanish Socialist Party secretary, José Blanco. Regional elections were held in Navarre in May, and resulted in no overall majority:

UPN (Allied to the Popular Party) - 22
Nafarroa Bai (Basque coalition) - 12
PSN-PSOE (Socialists) - 12
CDN (Centrists) - 2
IUN-NEB (Communists) - 2

So, the Socialists won less than a quarter of the seats, and if in coalition with the UPN it would expect to be the minor partner, yes? Maybe get a few cabinet seats or somesuch?

However, Blanco - get this - says the UPN should "'show generosity' and put a Socialist in power". I am not making this up. A PP spokesman rebutted that it was "generous enough" to allow the Socialists into the coalition. I look forward to the Left trying similar tricks elsewhere.

Sticking with things Hispanic, Libé notes that the Spaniards are trying to come up with words for La Marcha Real, the Spanish national anthem, which is officially wordless. A spokesman for the right reckons it can be done in 'two to three months'. Yup. Not enormously interesting, but what is comic is that Libé's writer notes that 'certain groups on the right already have a proposed refrain', which even with my non-existent Spanish I can tell to be the Pemán lyrics used under Franco, but the hack has not bothered to discover this. Very impressive.


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Anonymous Paris Hilton said... 9:34 am


Can I erge the phraze People's Party as being more English than Pop. Party?

Asta la bista  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:37 am

Nice to see you are taking a break from your legal troubles Paris.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 11:48 am

the socialists in this country rule absoulutely with on a quater of the poll, that is if you exclude the libdems who are of course socalists.
Does anybody know a lib dem and have you ever asked them why they vote libdem rather than labour?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:53 pm

There are some decent libs out there, but for a lot of them I think that they think that being an LD allows them to feel pious. Always appealing for some.  

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