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Flying to Russia any time soon? Be warned

From the Moscow Times:

"The government has approved a range of counter terrorism provisions, including one that allows hijacked planes to be shot down without warning. The provisions were drawn up by the Defense Ministry and the Federal Security Service and approved by the government Saturday in an attempt to tie up loose ends in a 2006 counterterrorism law. Planes can be shot down and sea vessels destroyed without warning if authorities receive "reliable information" that they are being used to carry out a terrorist attack, Kommersant reported Wednesday".

Reasonable enough, I suppose, but it still looks a little stark written down like so.

And then there's this rather odd additional piece of legislation: "The new provisions also forbid the use of weapons against visibly pregnant women, disabled people and minors unless they are armed and present a threat". So if one is none of these things and do not present a threat one's life is potentially forfeit? I would recommend that Tom Paine, James Higham and other bloggerati in the Rodina invest in walking sticks for when out and about.

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Blogger Guthrum said... 9:32 am

Same rules apply here and in the States- There are allegations that one of the planes that crashed into open countryside on 9/11 was shot down on Cheney's orders.

Have put stick on list as I have to go to Odessa via Moscow soon.  

Anonymous some guy said... 9:32 am

(off subject)
Juicy front cover of die Neue Post weekly in Smith's, North End

Prinz Harry
Versoehnung mit seinem Vater James Hewitt

V* = reconciliation.


Anonymous verity said... 1:41 pm

As Guthrum says. I didn't know about Britain, but certainly in the US, the rule has been in effect for quite some time.

There were all kinds of rumours about the plane that crashed in PA on 9/11, and if Cheyney had ordered it shot down, that would have been a rational decision, but the recordings over the radio at the time indicate that the passengers overcame the highjackers enough to divert the plane from the highjackers' destination. They had intended to crash it into The Capitol.

It's my understanding that in (God forbid!) another instance like this, the US Air Force will fly alongside the plane forcing it away from populated areas and will then shoot it down.  

Anonymous some guy said... 3:20 pm

Is that the office of Capitol records?  

Anonymous Verity said... 5:25 pm

Some Guy - despite the nomenklature, I see that you are only an aspirational American; not a real one.

The Capitol is so spelled as every American skule boy no. The hijackers intended to crash into the Capitol Rotunda.  

Anonymous some guy (old Europe) said... 3:39 pm

What? I have spelt Capitol correctly.

Do you mean nomenclature or Nomenklatura?

I don't aspire to be American. I'm not into porno, abortion, extraordinary rendition, budget deficits etc.  

Blogger james higham said... 1:52 pm

Noted. The stick is at the ready.  

Anonymous some gal said... 4:46 pm

Hey Verity

Are you a real american?  

Blogger Ordovicius said... 2:29 pm

Damn! Russia was right up there in my "top five countries I'd most like to visit where my passport will be stolen by the police" list. Ah well, I guess I'll just have to stick to civilised countries.  

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