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Mr Tony having trouble with facts again

"But I think the danger is - and I say this as someone who has had a lot of to-ing and fro-ing with the House of Lords over the years - but I do think we benefit from having people who have not necessarily spent their life in politics who come in with broader experience and so on." Source

There are an awful lot of Lords, and I lack the time or the energy to go through every last one, so I am restricting this to the Labour Lords A-B, reckoning that it /ought/ to be reasonably representative. Anyone feeling enthusiastic can find them all here.

Lord Acton - 4th of that line, and unlikely to be a patch on the original

Baroness Adams of Craigielea - Former Labour MP
Lord Adonis - Lifelong wonk / hack / academic
Lord Ahmed - Recent appointee. Focuses on Muslim issues.
Lord Alli - Known Tony crony and media type
Baroness Amos - Councillor prior to being ennobled
Lord Anderson -
Former Labour MP
Baroness Andrews - Former Kinnock adviser
Baron Archer of Sandwell - Former Labour MP
Lord Ashley -
Former Labour MP
Baroness Ashton - Quango queen
Lord Attenborough - Yes, that Attenborough
Lord Bach - Lawyer
Lord Barnet - Of formula fame. Former Labour MP
Lord Bassam - Former councillor and Labour PC
Lord Berkeley - Biography as yet unfound
Baron Bernstein - Major contributor
Lord Bhattacharyya - Academic. "
He has often claimed that his father was India's ambassador to the UN but this is not true". Source

Lord Bilston -
Former Labour MP
Baroness Blackstone - Academic
Lord Blease - Career trade unionist / NI Labour party candidate
Baroness Blood - "Baroness Blood possesses the natural abilities of a vampire, including enhanced strength, hypnotism, the ability to replenish her strength by sucking blood from others and transform others into vampires. Thanks to her having drunk from the Holy Grail, she can exist in sunlight indefinitely, and can temporarily share this power with other vampires who drink from her. She can also generate and control lightning". Apparently. Although this might be a different one.
Lord Borrie - Lawyer

Lord Boyd - Lawyer
Lord Bradley -
Former Labour MP
Lord Bragg - Or Melvyn to his friends
Lord Brennan - Lawyer at Matrix chambers...
Lord Brett - Public sector trade unionist
Lord Brooke
- Public sector trade unionist
Lord Brookman
- Public sector trade unionist
Lord Brooks - Former Labour PC
Lord Burlison
- Public sector trade unionist

but I do think we benefit from having people who have not necessarily spent their life in politics who come in with broader experience and so on." Indeed Tony, indeed.

And with that I'm off out to Doughty Street.

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Blogger CityUnslicker said... 9:35 pm

super post C.

I can't see how allowing rampant cronyism is a boon to our democracy. As a frim republican it is high time we had an elected second chamber to challenge the powers of the commons.

As if Blair et al. would allow really intelligent people in the Lords who would questiont their judgement!  

Anonymous S. Rushdie said... 8:53 am

Excellent article by Polly Toytown todat (Tuesday).

: Stick it to the City caesars - for the sake of the nation.

(Private equity destroying nation)

Can any esteemed reader tell me if this is the same Polly Toytown who previously has told us how rich we are, thanks to New Labour?  

Anonymous nomad said... 1:04 pm

As our almost ex-PM, maybe this is what Tony hums as he peruses his possible Lords lists...

A your adorable; B your so beautiful; C your the crony of my choice; D your delectable; E unelectable; F... well, you can insert your own bit here...  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 5:13 pm

Looking up lords-I-like, it was worrying that every one is a belted earl:

Onslow, (hero on denouncing the destruction of the Constitution and our civil liberties);

Cranford and Balcarres (housing in the golden age of garden cities and properly planned development);

Strathclyde (really clever);

Hang on to the hereditaries; they may be born with silver spoons, but they use them to feed us all.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:21 pm

There are indeed some quite marvellous peers. Onslow is the father of a friend of a friend, and he is by all accounts an absolutely splendid chap.

Private Eye used to run a 'lesser known peers' graphic, featuring some of the less likely lords.  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 5:23 pm

Marquesses are good too. No childhood is complete without a park, who cares who owns it?  

Anonymous Verity said... 8:06 pm

No more elected chambers. The Commons is damaging enough.

Let the Lifers keep their toy titles, but remove their presence from the debating chamber in The Lords. Let them go in for lunch or patronise the bars to show off to their friends, but appointees should have no place in the legislative chambers of a democracy. (The same goes for quangoes. Blow them all up.)

The hereditaries have done a superb job of keeping the Commons in check for centuries. Bring them back. For one thing, most of them have other interests, so they are not compulsive controllers and interferes in other people's lives. They respect the Crown and our Constitution.

Their instinct, for hundreds of years, has been to preserve and conserve.

Out with the lifers, back with the hereditaries and get Britain back the hell on track! (This will involve disengaging from the HRA. The hereditaries will vote for that!)  

Anonymous verity said... 8:09 pm

On Dizzy's site he has a countdown, and as of this writing, it is eight days, eight hours and 55 minutes before Brown gets his hands on power.

We will see. I honestly don't believe Tony Blair will ever leave of his own free will.  

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