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To Croydon infinity and beyond

Malcolm 'I haven't updated my website in months' Wicks, MP of this parish has his mind on much, much higher things - in fact upon space, the final frontier.

In his capacity as Science and Innovation Minister, Wicks has got terribly excited about a document called 'The Global Exploration Strategy: The Framework for Co-ordination', even though the globe is the bit that most pointedly is not being explored. This has been signed up to by NASA, the Russians and a selection of ticks upon the backs of the bigger beasts , including us, and those noted space explorers the Canadians and the Germans, inter alia.

Apparently "this document marks the start of a new era of space exploration".

And how so?

"The British National Space Centre..was fully involved in shaping this document. Following its publication, it is expected that a voluntary, non-binding forum (the International Co-ordination Mechanism) will now be established so that all 14 nations can share their plans for space exploration, and collaborate to strengthen both individual projects and the collective effort".

'Expected', 'non-binding forum'. Not exactly 'Star Trek' is it?

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Blogger Newmania said... 3:50 pm

You wait years for a voluntary non binding forum to be expected come along and then...  

Anonymous verity said... 3:58 pm

I can, at a stretch, even see the Germans being involved in this voluntary and non-binding forum, given the brilliance of the German scientific mind, but the Canucks?

Can anyone who steeled himself to follow the link tell us the other countries that are involved in this important non-binding "agreement"? The Peruvians? The Tunisians? The Cherokee Nation?  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 9:23 pm

I await my summons for death star menial labouring duties.  

Blogger Matt Dean said... 9:30 pm

With any luck the Conservatives will be consigning Mr Wick to outer space at the next general election...  

Anonymous Nomad said... 3:48 am

I wonder if he grew up reading The Eagle, whose best known character was of (of course!) Dan Dare, Space Explorer Extraordinaire.

Exterminate them! Exterminate them! Beep...  

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