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Globalisation - It's a good thing

At least that is recognised by the population of the planet, as measured by worldpublicopinion.org's poll, which quizzed people in 17 states plus the Palestinian 'authority'. We, alas, were not asked.

It is the Chinese who have best understood this, with 87% thinking it good, and around two-thirds or more of polled Armenians, Israelis, Koreans, Thais and Australians agreeing.

There were an awful lot of apparent 'don't knows' in Mexico, Russia and elsewhere, but the highest percentage thinking globalisation is 'mostly bad' came from our friends on the other side of the Channel - 42%.

The French, in that rather odd way of theirs, saw 38% thinking that trade is bad for consumers. Erm, how? If they do not want to buy Sony TVs, buy Madonna CDs, drink Scotch, drive a Volkswagen, no-one is holding an AK-47 to their heads. Further evidence that France needs to be carpet bombed with Milton Friedman in translation comes from 73% thinking that trade is bad for job creation in France.

Other points to note include 63% of Iranians thinking globalisation good for Iran, and Armenians and Koreans being the least keen on compliance with WTO rulings against their countries.

More later, perhaps.

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Blogger The Hitch said... 12:18 pm

leave the french as they are , a theme park for Brits to escape to.
Although i agree that a spot of carpet bombing of muslim areas may be a good idea (bombs not books)  

Blogger Newmania said... 12:53 pm

Further evidence that France needs to be carpet bombed with Milton Friedman in translation comes from 73% thinking that trade is bad for job creation in France.

best bit C very good . I tittered somewhat  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 2:18 pm

The best bit is that globalisation killed socialism just like video killed the radio stars. I have notes from grand lectures on globalisation and distribution which need boiling down, but socdeath is certain. If we're being pushed around by statists, they're zombies.  

Anonymous this guy said... 10:17 am

Globalisation killed socialism? Tell that to the anti-socialists, then they won't need to get so wound up.

Globalisation is more and more foreigners in overcrowded London.
Supported by Red Ken at his most patronising.  

Anonymous this guy said... 4:35 pm

And how comes there's a million unemployed plus 1.2 million NEETS?

That makes 2.2 million + .

Only marginally better than Frogatanie.  

Blogger james higham said... 11:50 am

Now isn't that uncanny - no sooner do I link to you in a post on globalization than I come over here and find you've actually posted on it [in a manner of speaking]too.  

Blogger james higham said... 11:51 am

"The best bit is that globalisation killed socialism"

Hatfield Girl, you are probably a wonderful person but one question - what do you think the globalists are - conservative nationalists?


Blogger Wolfie said... 12:27 pm

All this survey demonstrates is that the globalist propaganda is winning. One day I'm sure people around the world will become starkly aware of what its really done but by that point it will be too late.  

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