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You too can 'vote' in the first round of the French election

Care of this rather nifty site at sitoyen.fr. Following the Stemwijzer template used by our Dutch friends - reckoned to be used by maybe a million or so Dutch voters each time - this asks a series of yes/no/don't know questions which serve to suggest who you should vote. With any foreign election, there will be issues that do not make much sense as shibboleths elsewhere, but I think it is worth trying out.

While I would have voted for Sarko (while holding my nose, crossing my fingers etc), it rated the eurosceptic De Villiers the best match, followed by Bayrou, followed by Sarko. The tame Frenchman mentioned on Sunday came out as being a best match for Voynet, and he was appalled.

So that those without French and with too little interest to use babelfish to translate might join in, here is the list of questions:

1 - A reduction in working hours is indispensable for creating jobs.
2 - Companies that create jobs should get tax breaks.
3 - The state would benefit from a reduction in the number of civil servants.
4 - The current system should be maintained, rather than giving parents more choice over schools.
5 - Sanctions against parents whose children who misbehave in school should be strengthened.
6 - Teachers in the state system who accept the new hours should be paid more.
7 - Special retirement schemes should gradually be removed.
8 - Part private funding of retirement must happen.
9 - Contraception for woman under 25 must remain free.
10 - Communes which do not apply the law on social housing (minimum 20% per commune) should be fined heavily
11 - Nuclear power is necessary for protecting the environment.
12 - Pollution tax should apply to citizens and companies.
13 - Euthanasia must remain illegal.
14 - Minimum services must be maintained during strikes.
15 - The national police must maintain a presence in the inner cities. (They call them 'difficult areas'...)
16 - Minors should be criminally liable.
17 - Positive discrimination is a good way of combating the inequalities between people.
18 - Resident foreigners should be allowed to vote in local elections.
19 - An amnesty for illegal immigrants will encourage more of it.
20 - Wealth tax should be increased.
21 - The government should be required to present a balanced budget.
22 - There should be an additional tax on oil companies.
23 - Subsidies should be targeted at environmentally friendly agriculture.
24 - Turkey should be allowed to join the EU.
25 - Hamas is a terrorist group with which we should not negotiate.
26 - Any institutional reform of the EU should be put to a referendum.
27 - It should not be possible to enact a law without a parliamentary debate.
28 - Under the Fifth Republic, foreign policy and defence are Presidential prerogatives. This must be maintained.
29 - Iran has the right to become a nuclear power.
30 - France should spend more on defence.
31 - Third world debt should be cancelled without preconditions.
32 - Marriage should remain that of a man and a woman.
33 - Double jeopardy should return - a foreigner convicted of a crime in France should be deported after serving of his or her sentence.
34 - Cannabis and other soft drugs should be decriminalised.
35 - The state should part fund the building of mosques.

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Anonymous b.yeltsin (dec'd) said... 9:29 am

PART fund mosk building? Surely the least the oppressive capitalist state can do is give every town with more than 5 Mozzies a £million+ mosk?  

Blogger Guthrum said... 9:40 am

La meme pour moi !  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:46 am

Guthrum - Much appreciated. I would have been less than gruntled if no-one else had done the test.

Clicking on the most popular answer for each question (visible at the end) De Villiers emerges as the top choice, ahead of Sego, then Sarko. Interessant, non?  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 11:33 am

Bayrou, de Villiers, Sarko; the little green lines were very similar in length though. some of the questions begged. They might as well have asked about addiction to standard spelling and punctuation as whether only men and women can be married.  

Anonymous verity said... 4:10 pm

Waaah! Il ne marche pas!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:13 pm

Pas bon. Désolé.  

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