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Why does the EU Diversity Truck move so slowly?

This is "the bright yellow EU stop-discrimination Truck", coming soon to a town near you, -ish.
I am sure everyone can well imagine what the initiative is all about, so I will not spell it out. What intrigues is quite how stately is its progress around Europa. Having started yesterday in Strasbourg, it will make 23 stops between then and 20/8 when it rolls into Leipzig. Compare that to the speed the Rolling Stones manage - 28 different European stops in less than two months.

I would think that the logistics of getting the Stones' stage show from point to point would be just a tad more complex than moving one truck...

The good people of Liverpool will receive a two day visitation in July.


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Blogger MJW said... 9:54 am

A diversity truck! Is it going to be full of psuedo-leftist, wet liberals telling us that whilst discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sexuality etc... is usually bad it's okay if it's the right sort of discrimination? Like when social engineering is used to pressure organisations to mirror a certain ideologically led profile? (I'm so glad that there are people out there who know when discrimination is good and when it's bad)  

Blogger Alan Douglas said... 11:12 am

I've heard that the Stones use more than one full set, sort of leapfrogging themselves.

I think the EU should do the same - with perhaps 27 (naturally) personnel attached to each truck, they could probably mount 2 or 3 thousand trucks permanently on the road.

This would be much less harmful that what these eurocrats would normally be engaged in.

Alan Douglas  

Anonymous This guy said... 11:21 am


Anonymous verity said... 1:32 pm

First, this is decisive proof that Europeans (whatever that means) do not - in a very decisived way - understand democracy. How dare the government lecture people! It seems to me that countries that royalty and peers are accustomed to being told what to do and what to think. Americans and Australians resist.

I also include the Icelanders, whose parliament, the thingi - you have to love it! - only met something like twice a year and then only if necessary. All the Scandinavians are pretty good at democracy and equality, but the rest of the Continong is crap. I hate them. How can they tolerate such high handed misuse of their taxes and who the hell are these people who have awarded themselves the moral high ground?

I want the the EU to implode, preferably with a lot of violence, as is the wont of these people.

The ignorance also infuriates me. DISCRIMINATION IS GOOD. We discriminate between right and wrong. We discrimate between a sensible decision and a stupid decision. Most of all, we should discriminate against this pile of garbage by removing ourselves from it. It serves absolutely no purpose other than rolling gravy train.

Brussels has some nice old buildings and doubtless Strasbourg does too, but I still think we need to bomb them flat.  

Anonymous verity said... 2:10 pm

I also discriminate religionwise whether the morons in the EU approve or not. I actively discriminate against muslims because I know there is an 85% chance that the person is a dingbat with way, way too much interest in what women wear and what they do, and way, way too much interest in violent means of conversion of normal people.

In their ignorance, the EU and Tony Moron would term this "racism" because they can't think of anything else to call it. (How about "sensible"?) Odd that they don't term Christianity a race, isn't it? Or Buddhism. Or the Seventh Day Adventists?

They know a religion isn't a race, that terming it such is a big lie and they're hammering it home anyway.

Bombs away to Brussels, Strasbourg and the Diversity Bus!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:56 pm

MJW - You betcha...

Alan - An interesting insight. Thank you,

Verity - I've been known to refer, in my more intemperate moments, to Brussels and Strasbourg as the Cities of the Plain. I mentioned that to Newmania the other day, and he posed the question - "what *did* they do in Gomorrah?"  

Anonymous verity said... 3:04 pm

That's a good question! But Cherie Blair looks as though she would have been an inhabitant.  

Anonymous this guy said... 4:11 pm

"The Skandinavians are good at democracy & equality"?????

They're exactly the sort of people who are obsessed with diversity and anti-discrimination.

No wonder Polly Toytown refers to Sweden as "the most succesful society ever".  

Anonymous verity said... 4:29 pm

Yes, sadly they have degenerated.

We need to flee this congregation of weak-kneed appeasers and socialists. But for Brussels and Strasbourg, scorched earth. Sorry, but nothing else will work.  

Anonymous verity said... 4:29 pm

Yes, sadly they have degenerated.

We need to flee this congregation of weak-kneed appeasers and socialists. But for Brussels and Strasbourg, scorched earth. Sorry, but nothing else will work.  

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