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Le Pen voters under the microscope

Le Monde carries a report on the FN's voters, noting, "More than ever, it is blue collar workers, employees and the retired, that is those who have the greatest trouble making ends meet, who constitute the core of the FN's support".

To no one's great surprise, "The liberal professions, senior executivea and the intermediate professions best resist the siren song of the Front". Not that the writer was allowing her opinion to intrude on reporting the story. No, not at all.

Front voters are less likely than the average to protest / demonstrate at 47% to 50%, (Astonishing figures - how do the French ever get anything done at work or around the house?) are more likely than the average Gaul to think there are too many immigrants (fancy...) and less likely to want to allow non-citizens to vote in municipal elections (which would be a bit tough on Ma Croydonian). A little more surprising is that 71% of Frontists consider homosexuality 'an acceptable form of sexual expression', compared to the national average of 76%. And this, mind, is in country that only legalised it in 1981.
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Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 11:56 am

Watch all those liberal professional change their minds when things get tough.
Would suprise me in the least if the French were the first to start mass deportations , they also have a lot of weaponry in France , including lots of loverly liberated german kit hidden away in barns.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 12:37 pm

I'm with peter.when they're houses start dropping in value and they get chucked onto the street with the unwashed because the hostels are full of asylum seekers.then they'll understand why people vote for these parties.until the major parties blah blah blah.  

Anonymous newmania said... 1:00 pm

Watch all those liberal professional change their minds when things get tough.

Yes , although I disapprove of racism ,on language and culture the salient fact is that approvers of multi culturalism do not live in it. They never , ever ever send their kids to school in it. This is not a racial matter Diane Abbot is quite as capable of rampant lying hypocrisy as eg Emily , Grammar school Thornberry.

Interesting gay stat. ?Not sure what to make of that , it appears that political attitudes are not connected with more generalised intolerance. Or maybe theres something in the water . I never drink it abroad  

Anonymous vikki said... 1:17 pm

So you are on 18 doughty tonight...would you also be needing some coaching from Prezzer...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:53 pm

I would say that Prescott doesn't offer any lessons, but his securing a six figure salary for no discernible work is an example to us all.  

Anonymous vikki said... 2:35 pm

"Prescott doesn't over lessons"

Not even punching/boxing lessons?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:47 pm

If it game to a duel with JP, I'd choose wits...  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 2:54 pm

take it from someone who's boxed C,prezzas jab is shit and even worse slow .you'll see him coming all fight long,the fat bastard.

wait for himj to throw that slow left,step to the side ,sink a little and then rise up with the mother of all hooks and plant it across his chin,making sure you keep the knucles parallel to the ground not vertical.KO first round.  

Blogger istanbultory said... 3:53 pm

At the beginning of the 1990s, I lived for a brief time frighteningly close to a majority Arab/North African, crime-ridden slum in Toulouse. It was a bleak place to be.The immigrant majority were overwelmingly hostile to the fearful, remaining whites (the majority of whites had long since given up hope and fled). Those who were still hanging on at that point were contemptouos of the state and local authorities which had abandoned them to a fairly awful existence. They overwhelmingly backed the Front. And to be honest, I would not have behaved differently in their position. If a political elite wilfully ignores a section of the electorate for a prolonged period of time, extremists will invariably step in where democrats fear to tread. That holds true for Respect/SWP as much as the FN or the BNP. But who would have thought that the Frontistes were so relaxed about gays!!  

Anonymous verity said... 3:56 pm

There are many, many middle class folks - like doctors and their wives,for example - who vote for the FN, while decrying it in conversation. (I'm sure Croydonian Mère would confirm.) The French middle classes don't demonstrate, but they are furious at the floods of muslims from the Magreb, bringing with them their barbaric lifestyles and religion and love of welfare and criminality.

I believe we will see a huge surge in the FN when Martine takes over. She has softened some of her father's policies, and she adopts a more conciliatory tone in public. Also, she's had some good commercials. If the establishment is frightened of Jean-Marie, they will be be wetting their knickers when Martine takes over.

She had one good ad campaign in which she was dressed in a raincoat and her hair looked nice, but not "done", and she had some light make-up on, but not much. She was walking towards the camera and the headline was "A woman at your side". Very clever and reassuring.  

Anonymous verity said... 4:00 pm

Stamboultory - It doesn't surprise me that such a high percentage is relaxed about gays, because a high percentage of FN voters are middle class, educated and tolerant. This is masked, because all these respectable middle class voters claim to vote for other parties. Admitting that you vote FN is the last frontier.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:22 pm

V - a bit more digging in the original item shows that towns in the provinces and rural areas are where the Front fares best, but they are significantly weaker in the Paris region than nationally.

I suspect you are right about 'respectable' people being shy about admitting that they vote for the FN, but in my experience, 'respectable' French people are far more willing to make certain comments about non-identikit French people than are their equivalents here. In particular, I've found the level of old style anti-semitism mind boggling.  

Blogger istanbultory said... 4:39 pm

Yup, the French are unbeatable in the hooked nose/blood sacrifice line of old style anti-semitism. It's something that I never got used to. Nor would I have wanted to. It shouldn't be too surprising though when we remember that some 110,000 French Jews were murdered by the Germans. A number that would have been far lower had it not been for the shameful manner in which the French authorities and police cooperated with Hitler's Final Solution.  

Anonymous samye-ling said... 4:54 pm

Yes, their candour about disliking Jews is very disconcerting. But they are embarrassed to be known to be voting for FN because it is seen as a rabble rousing party.

Actually, if all these middle class people would just come clean about who they were voting for, it would elevate the FN into respectability.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 5:25 pm

if the BNP stood candidates in every ward nex t year I think you would be surprised how many people would vote for them. verity is on the money about the social stigma thing  

Anonymous Suttonian pedant said... 5:49 pm

I think you'll find that sodomie has never been illegal in France or most Cath. countries. Old Oirland being the main exception. Andre Gide & Roger Peyrefitte never had much problem. (Pour autant que je sache.)


Anonymous verity said... 7:21 pm

Once Martine gets her hands on the reins, she will still be a hard liner, but she'll be less confrontational than Jean-Marie is, and she'll make it respectable to vote for the FN. Not overnight, but little by little, people won't be embarrassed into lying that they voted for the FN.

I think Martine will be good for France. And us. The FN is against all foreigners, not just those from the Magreb. It's not a racial thing. They don't think the British or other Europeans are quite up to standard, either.  

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