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Things the French get exercised about, no. 824

Like genetically modified maize being grown in the Czech Republic, horror of horrors, on the site of the battle of Austerlitz.

Since I'm still in Napoleonic mode, that battle twixt France and its allies versus Austria and Russia led to around 36 000 casualties, and killed off the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, which had existed for over a thousand years since the crowning of Karl Der Gross (better known here as Charlemagne, but the Germans have at least as much validity in claiming him as one of theirs as the French). Still, it was all for the good of European unity, wasn't it?
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Anonymous Colin said... 3:07 pm

"Still, it was all for the good of European unity, wasn't it?

Sure it was and so was Hitler, wasn't he?

Both were psychopaths as can be derived from The Rise and Fall of an Egotist - A new biography of Napoleon by Paul Johnson:

Johnson's central claim is that Napoleon "is the grandest possible refutation of those determinists who hold that events are governed by forces, classes, economics, and geography rather than by the powerful wills of men and women." His influence still ramifies, and he still inspires other egotists. Rightly, Johnson sees Napoleon as an opportunist unfettered by philosophy or scruple who seized the chance offered by the French Revolution to acquire power.

Among Napoleon's legacies were some of Europe's worst wars, which inflicted immense casualties and spawned modern total war. He created mass conscript armies, secret police, massive espionage, propaganda, and bogus democratic operations such as plebiscites. Napoleon's occupation of Germany provoked German nationalism. Meanwhile high French casualties in his wars permanently crippled France: its population growth stagnated relative to that of other powers, especially Germany, ultimately resulting in its becoming a second-rate power. The modern totalitarian state, Johnson claims, was Napoleon's "ultimate progeny,"

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 8:43 pm

The idiocy of the EU beong compared to past dictators always make sme smile. It can only turn anyone with even a vauge knowledge of history profoundly eurosceptic.  

Anonymous vikki said... 9:44 pm

I hope you were not offended by the word 'epitaph' amd 'mischief'at IT's....if so I do apologise.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:51 pm

Vikki - come on...

If I ever suffer such a sense of humour failure, that's the time to write a real epitaph. I'm quire robust you know.  

Anonymous vikki said... 10:57 am

Glad to hear.... you've not suffered a "sense of humour failure" Phew, just missed Dr Hitchens rounds! BTW not many get to read their epitaph...what do you think? Been told to watch my words....  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:09 am

I thought you had some very kind things to say, so thank you for that.

Given that 'the' Mission Impossible seems to have abandoned the blogosphere, I suspect the one at IT is an imposter. I've got a pretty good idea who it is though....  

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