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Cameron on Muslim faith schools

Cameron has made a thoroughly sensible call to stop the ghettoisation of British Muslims, noting:

"It worries me that we have allowed communities to grow up which live 'parallel lives'. Communities where people from different backgrounds never meet, never talk, never go into each others' homes".

So far, so good, but he then goes awry: "The Tory leader said Islamic schools should in future admit a quarter of their pupils from other faiths".

Where I believe he has made a category error is in comparing Islamic schools with C of E and RC schools. In the case of Christian faith schools, Christianity is the theoretical faith of the majority, and Christian and post-Christian ideas suffuse our society. These schools are not exactly seminaries, are they? However, Islamic, and come to that, Jewish schools are rather different, and I find it hard to imagine that parents not subscribing to either of those faiths would think it a good idea to send their offspring to such institutions. I think it extremely unlikely that Joe and Sue Bloggs would be sending Joe and Sue junior off to the local Islamic comp voluntarily, and if he is going to achieve a cultural mix in these institutions, as they stand, then we are going to end up with US style busing.

For what it is worth, my alma mater was a grammer school when I started at 11, but a few years down the line metaphorosised into a faith school in reaction to the onslaught on grammars, continued - to her eternal shame - on Thatcher's watch. This was a remarkably cunning move, as the other grammars in the area just gave up and turned themselves into non-selective schools, whereas entry to mine was on the basis of church / shul attendance, having a brother already there or living within spitting distance. As a result, church attendance in the area soared, and the school expanded from two form to five form entry. Can't say that the religious angle was pushed significantly harder post change, although RE was compulsory at O Level. As to turning my year into fine upstanding Christians, that certainly didn't work. Only two members of the upper sixth used to sing in assembly, and one of those only did it because he liked a sing-a-long. The rest of us folded our arms and looked smug, much to the consternation of the squits in the lower years.
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Blogger The Ghost Of Peter said... 11:46 am

I am afraid that our cowardly political class are looking for a non existent solution to an insoluble problem, Islam is not compatible with western values.
the only solution is mass repatriation, without that we will die, i am inclined to think that is what will happen. Many years ago the Spanish came to that conclusion and drove the moors into the sea and a fine decision that was.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 11:54 am

shameron is gutless  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:54 pm

I am deeply unhappy with the concept of Faith schools, I am even more disturbed by fundamentalism of any hue, Christianity,Jewish or Muslim. NuCon Cameron has got this completely wrong in his fuzzy warm approach to politics, Faith schools just create division and ghettos  

Anonymous verity said... 12:58 pm

Islam is not only incompatible with Western values, but it wants to defeat Western values. So it is in our midst as a destroyer.

I agree with ghosty that the only solution is mass repatriation. By mass, I mean mass.

The cowardly political class is not just seeking a solution to an insoluble problem - it is seeking to appease. They cannot understand that the only appeasement of muslims is dhimmitude or conversion to their perverted religion. They can't understand it because they don't read about it. They just know what other ignorant politicians (and politicians with large muslim constituencies, which should never have been allowed to happen) say about it. What they "know" is all ill-informed and deeply ignorant.

As the Americans say, a dollar to a dime that neither David Davis nor William Hague was involved in this stupidity. As ever, it is the disconnected rich and remote who seek to impose solutions on problems they don't have the knowledge or imagination to understand.

Blair was destructive to Britain intentionally. Cameron will finish his job for him out of ignorance and self-regard.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:30 pm

Cameron, in his towering, arrogant stupidity, seems not to
realise that if the government forces helpless children to study this cult, they will be wide open to suits for abuses of the children's human rights. Sending children to be indoctrinated in a primitive cult that denies rights to women and preaches murder and deceit would be an open and shut case of cruelty to children.

If Cameron thinks that an Islamic school is going to indulge the children in interesting group discussions of comparisons of religions, he is so misguided as to be clinically insane.

Cameron is shallow and smug and should be replaced by anyone, really. Joe Bloggs would do. Let's have a grammar school boy or girl who understands and loves Britain and the British running for Prime Minister.

BTW, I don't think I've ever seen an emptier face, a face more devoid of lines of experience, than Cameron's. It reflects no character whatsoever.  

Anonymous verity said... 3:16 pm

I'm surprised that more people have not jumped in on this. It's a terribly dangerous concept.

Apart from anything else, the fact that the muzzies ghettoised themselves should have given Cameron a large clue about where to place the blame for this parallel parasite society feeding off its host.

Absolutely nothing must be done to accommodate these aggressive, sly, calculating primitives, and everything should be done to clear them out of our countries in the West. They are opposed to the advanced West. They are opposed to civilisation. They want to bomb the world back into the year 800.

What they want would be irrelevant were not our legislators, especially in Britain, so eager to accommodate them.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:21 pm

And the daft thing is that if the state compels the family Bloggs to send their brood to the local Islamic institution in the interests of diversity etc etc, that is cast iron guaranteed to accelerate the creation of Muslim ghettos as non-Muslims flee the area lest little Johnny and Jenny get too interested in all things Islamic, under the imapct of peer pressure.  

Anonymous verity said... 3:35 pm

Anyone under any illusions that muslim squits will be bussed to British schools? Or better yet, British faith schools? Might do the little shits some good to learn about Judaism, after all.

Hey! Maybe this is how we can get them to repatriate voluntarily and save us some grief and money!
Threaten to bus their mini-muzzies to Christian and Jewish schools.  

Anonymous Suttonian said... 10:19 am

Interestin' pt about Mrs Th. Supposedly she was the Iron Lady. But she did very little to reintroduce discipline into the schools or to support grammars. She even banned caning etc., since when discipline has not noticeably improved. At the behest of the Euro-Court in Strassburg. So much for standing up to U-Rope.

As for Islam - (al-Gaurdian) liberalism is the real threat. The nutters have power only as the liberals wish them to.  

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