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The bomb plot

Not much point in providing a hyperlink as everyone will know what I'm writing about. The list of freshly banned objects for carry on luggage goes to even sillier lengths than that which we were already labouring under, and I am not relishing the prospect of maybe four hours airside/flight time with no reading material beyond in-flight magazines on Sunday.

I tend to think that a lot of the banning etc of this, that and the other in these circumstances is more psychological than practical - much like getting people to donate pots and pans to the WW2 war effort - and is aimed at giving a sense of threat and 'something being done' more than actually achieving something tangible. As a case in point, imagine what one could do with a non-banned CD/ DVD snapped in two and compare that with the ban on nail files, crotchet hooks etc.

And let's see if the BBC manages to use the 'M' word before the end of the day.

An update:

Everybody's /favourite/ Mayor has had this to say:

"No community in London can or should be targeted or blamed because of the actions of people who are pure criminals".

Uh-huh, and the police should target people in wheelchairs as being just as likely as 20 something males to make trouble at football matches, and the Met was derelict in not investigating Liberal Democrats at the time of the Brixton and Soho bombs? It may well be inconvenient for those Muslims who do not break the law, but profiling is the only sensible way to go about anti-terror policing.
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Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 1:06 pm


Blogger Croydonian said... 1:07 pm


Anonymous Verity said... 1:47 pm

Nothing we do will be effective unless we are seen to be taking control (pathetic that this government is so useless that we need evidence that they are in control) and instituting a COLD LOCKDOWN of every mosque in the country. Padlocked. Guarded 24 hours a day. The mosques should be taken apart and gone through with a fine tooth comb. Any mosque with a connection to terrorism should never be allowed to reopen and the owners should be forced to sell it.

No more mosques built or opened in Britain. If they want mosques, there are plenty in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, where they won't be bothered by having to look at normal women in the streets.  

Blogger UK Daily Pundit said... 2:36 pm

MUSLIM, MUSLIM, MUSLIM. Thanks William. I needed to get that off my chest.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:44 pm

It is getting harder and harder not to take on board the Robert 'Jihad Watch' Spencer thesis wholesale, frankly  

Blogger phone cam foolery said... 3:15 pm

I agree, in fact I would go even further , round them all up , confiscate all their property and ship them all to Saudi Arabia and let them be taken care of by their "brothers"
Failing that, put them all, men women and children on old ships and scuttle them in the noth sea.
Not only would we get rid of the menace but the well fed artificial reefs thus constructed would help to bolster our dwindling cod stocks.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:50 pm

I'd agree with you that there are certain people more likely to be blowing us up than others. Still, you can never be sure. The arbiter must be to investigate suspicious behaviour, whoever it comes from.

Anyway, even if the police did use an active profiling policy, it wouldn't make much sense to tell all the 'Ms' about it.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:06 pm

John - agreed. There is no substitute for proper policing and use of intelligence gathering.

However, for Livingstone to pretend that the latest batch of would be homicide bombers are motivated by nothing more than a certain nihilistic criminality is the purest cant.  

Blogger phone cam foolery said... 6:25 pm

as a sarth landaner, you above all know what a cant ken livingstone is.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:04 am

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