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"A British statement of values"

From Hansard:

"Mr. Evennett: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice what plans he has to consult on a British statement of values.

Mr. Wills: Since the publication of the Governance of Britain Green Paper in July 2007 we have been conducting an inclusive discussion on citizenship and the values that underpin what it means to be a member of UK society, through a series of online discussions, consultation toolkits and local events. We expect to continue this discussion as part of the proposed Green paper on a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities".

Without doubt whatever is cooked up by the focus groups will be airy nonsense that is rooted in a view of this Great Nation of Ours that is rooted in how things look right now, and will end up looking as dated as ruffs and hose within a matter of weeks, I would imagine. I hate to think what the Philadelphia Convention would have come up with if the Founding Fathers had used 'consultation toolkits'

Anyway, I can feel a competition coming on, and I am going to frame my effort in the form of a lonely hearts ad:

British citizens wanted

Damp island in the North Atlantic seeks citizens. Interests include watching reality TV, drinking, moaning about the weather, fantasising about winning the lottery, always wanting something for nothing and knowing one's rights. GSOH essential.

I'm sure readers can do a lot better than that.

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Blogger Oldrightie said... 10:19 am

Fairness, consideration and decency. Tolerance coupled with common sense.
See, out of date in a second!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:29 am

Depressing, isn't it?  

Blogger ScotsToryB said... 7:01 pm

Swarthiness desirable. Gypsyiness admirable. Curly hair orgasmical...
And that is just the Scottishness in me.

For the laidees(my sic): blonde hair attractable. Blue eyes desirable. Sense of humour just so winnable.
And that is the Englishness that attracts me.

Oh I know that's not quite what you were looking for but.....


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